Venezuelan opponent demands to set a date for the presidential primaries

Caracas, Aug 18 Venezuelan opponent Andrés Velásquez demanded this Thursday that the anti-Chavista bloc gathered in the Unitarian Platform agree on a date for the holding of the primary elections in which a candidate must be chosen for the presidential elections scheduled for 2024.

“The leaders of the Unitarian Platform have publicly shown their agreement with the primaries, but to date none has proposed a date for them to be held. Without a date, the primaries do not exist,” said Velásquez, quoted in a press release. .

He also proposed that these elections be held in the first quarter of 2023 and that Venezuelans who are abroad can participate.

He was also in favor of electing the candidate in a double round.

The politician warned that there are opposition political parties that are evaluating choosing a standard-bearer by consensus, which is why he believes that the definition of a date and schedule has been postponed.

“Delaying the definition of the election of the candidate in the primaries is a mistake, that candidate must build and sow hope, he must tour the country, otherwise it will simply be difficult to win. It will be very difficult for the Venezuelan people to accept a consensus candidacy,” manifested.

The Unitarian Platform announced, on May 16, that it will choose an opposition presidential candidate through primary elections that it plans to hold in 2023.

“The presidential candidate of the democratic forces will be chosen by a broad and plural primary process that will take place in 2023,” the alliance said in a statement. EFE


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