They arrested the suspect of having shot an Argentinean for a dollar in Miami

They arrest the suspect of having shot an Argentine in Miami for a dollar (Kindness 7News)
They arrest the suspect of having shot an Argentine in Miami for a dollar (Kindness 7News)

Miami Beach police officers arrested this Friday, August 19, a 21-year-old man, identified as Ranier Figueroawho is presumed to have participated in the violent episode that ended with the Argentine Ignatius Gallardoa resident of the American city, shot in the chest after a confusing episode.

As reported by the American news network 7NewsMiami, the arrest of the suspect took place in the vicinity of the Extended Stay American Suites, where the uniformed officers managed to locate Figueroa and then take him away in handcuffs. The image was captured by the North American news channel.

The incident had occurred on July 21. Ignacio Gallardo, “Gallo” as he is known to his affections, was sitting next to an acquaintance on the steps of the building located near Eighth Street and Michigan Avenue. There he was approached by a man who, in principle, would have demanded money from them in an imperative and violent way. Gallardo would have offered a one-dollar coin and in that exchange the shot would have occurred for which he had to be rushed to the Jackson Memorial Hospital, in serious condition.

This is how Ignacio Gallardo, the Argentine shot in Miami Beach, recovers
This is how Ignacio Gallardo, the Argentine shot in Miami Beach, recovers

After almost two months of investigation, the US security forces and justice suspect that the person who committed the illegal act was Ranier Figueroa, hence his arrest in the last few hours.

The security forces had disclosed the spoken portrait of the man who would have shot the young man from Argentina in the stomach. In addition, the Miami Police Department established a reward of 5,000 dollars for those who provide information that helps to clarify the crime.

The suspect’s identikit, which was disseminated on social networks, described the subject as a “man between 28 and 32 years old with Hispanic features” and that his height is between “1.65 meters and 1.72 meters”. The police spokesmen had specified that the fugitive is of “medium build”, that his hair is “short, wavy with fading on the sides and dark brown with light tips”. In addition, they added that the suspect has “a tattoo on the right side of his neck with symbols of Chinese or Japanese culture.” In the image released in the last few hours, it is seen that the detainee has several tattoos on different parts of his body.

This is how Ignacio Gallardo, the Argentine shot in Miami Beach, recovers

The alleged author of the shot will now face charges of homicide and armed robbery, and is being held without bail.

Ignacio Gallardo, for his part, had to go through a tough battle to recover his health. In the first instance he had to be hospitalized in a coma, needing mechanical assistance to breathe. Fortunately, his evolution was favorable as the weeks went by. One of the latest news reported with joy by those around him was that “Gallo” had managed to walk again and continues to rehabilitate.

The Argentine had moved to the United States two months ago with the intention of changing his life. The 25-year-old was looking to start an electronic cigarette business after studying architecture for a few years at UNT. However, he ran into an assailant at the entrance to the building where he resides.

The first hours after the attack were key. Gallardo underwent five operations in order to survive.

It’s only a matter of time before they catch this killer. And that Ignacio can be well and again with us, like it was before. He is a very good boy, from a very good family. Entrepreneur, always cheerful, a golden kid ”, Dario, one of his friends, had stated weeks ago, in dialogue with AllNews.


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