The other accountants of Generation Zoe fell: the dark trust to raise money and the attempt to enter the Stock Market

Messianic: Cositorto’s message to his followers after the debacle.

In mid-March of this year, Julieta Sciutti and Maximiliano Mitroff did not know which side of the line they would be on, whether they would be witnesses or defendants.

Both sat in their houses in La Plata and waited for a phone to ring. Mitroff, for now, I was looking for a lawyer. Their names sounded stronger and stronger in the plot of what may be one of the biggest fraud cases in recent Argentine history: months ago, They were accountants in Generación Zoe, the conglomerate of firms led by fugitive Leonardo Cositorto and prisoner Maximiliano Batista, directly linked by Justice to former judge Héctor Yrimia.

Both, according to the testimonies of players linked to the organization, were key part of one of the largest instruments to capture money in dollars from savers who were promised fabulous interest: the Zoe Latam Ordinary Administration Trustwith a start date registered with the AFIP on October 1, 2021, with address at Crisología Larralde at 1800, the central office of Generación Zoe, today deserted.

There are disturbing versions. Someone on Planet Zoe says: “Cositorto was charged a filthy fee, hundreds of thousands of dollars”. $600,000, some say, for the most ambitious move of all: put Zoe on the Stock Market. Someone close to Sciutti and Mitroff replied months ago: “No way. Cositorto owes them a twine”. Today, Cositorto and Batista focus their private anger on the La Plata accountants. “They think it was an orchestrated maneuver. It was a disaster. There is a lot of bad humor”, they affirmed near them in the middle of autumn.

Today at dawn, after being raided last May, Sciutti and Mitroff were finally arrested in La Plata, accused of fraud and illicit association by the prosecutor Juliana Companys de Villa María. The operation was carried out by the Antimafia Investigation Department of the Federal Police, which reports to the Superintendency of Federal Investigations.

In the raids against them – where 35 thousand dollars were seized – their phones were found, where the evidence was to impute them. The day’s raid included four other arrests in Córdoba.

Sciutti —42 years old, former employee of the Court of Accounts and the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Buenos Aires Government— and Mitroff, both associates in a consulting firm, they were part of the firm’s daily life in Belgrano. There they lived with figures such as the former judge and prosecutor Yrimia or Eduardo Llaser, who calls himself a security consultant and partner at Yrimia, which was shown in a video in a hangar announcing that he would buy a luxurious plane for “Leo”. They were also pointed out by sources from the direct core of Generación Zoe and by ehe other accountant at the firm, Norman Próspero, today in prison in Córdoba.

From prison, Próspero assured Infobae: “They had a financial accountant who had generated and set up an administration and disposition trust. The big flow went through the trust and she handled it all, until it cracked. The trust was managed by this woman at an accounting and legal level“. He “cracked”, say other sources on the planet Zoe, “because he was going to work at the Central Bank”, although the BCRA does not appear as his employer, at least according to his pension records. “He left arguing that he did not want to mix quilombos, he split and left a bard”says a player who knows the internal.

Sciutti, according to these accounts, would have a preponderant position. Mitroff would have taken a second place.

Zoe Generation: Gustavo Saavedra, Norman Próspero, Leonardo Cositorto, Héctor Yrimia and Eduardo Llaser.
Zoe Generation: Gustavo Saavedra, Norman Próspero, Leonardo Cositorto, Héctor Yrimia and Eduardo Llaser.

Generation Zoe was skillful in erasing their networks and their sites, but you forgot a few things. The terms and conditions of the trust, with Zoe as trustee, can still be downloaded from their main website. The proposal is pretentious from their names, “Classic”, “Premium” and “Intelligent”, with amounts ranging from 500 to 50 thousand dollars or more. It also has a trick: the silver stays, at least for a while.

“Deadline of the contribution: The contribution of each Trustor will be subject to a period of immobilization defined in the Annex to thisperiod during which the Trustors in General may not dispose of them in compliance with the Administration Policies”, says item 9 of the contract.

The following item highlights: “Early withdrawal of funds provided by the Trustor: The Trustor will have the possibility of withdrawing your contribution after 12 (twelve) months of effected suffering an applicable fine on the contributed capital, defined in the Annex hereto”. The fine for leaving early was fierce, 50 percent.

Zoe's office in Belgrano, deserted today.
Zoe’s office in Belgrano, deserted today.

The trust was certainly used. It is repeated in the stories of people who claim to have been defrauded in Buenos Aires and Córdoba. For example, a young woman from Buenos Aires who today prepares with her lawyer a criminal complaint against Generación Zoe affirms that she handed over 20 thousand dollars in physical bills to a key man in the organization, who without authorization entered her as a trustee. “Supposedly it was authorized by the IGJ”says the victim. It is not a bad point: any trust agreement must be registered with the General Inspectorate of Justice.

Of those 20 thousand dollars, 15 thousand went to the trust. Another five thousand went to Zoe’s crypto machine. She was promised 8 percent monthly interest on the trust money. For the crypto play, much more: 25 percent.

In the end, he charged a single month. Her man in Zoe took the money in cash to her house. Then the they fantasized with excuses. He didn’t see another penny. Meanwhile, in La Plata, Sciutti and Mitroff consider what to say.

The board: the terms for investing in Zoe's trust.
The board: the terms for investing in Zoe’s trust.

In mid-March, when their names appeared in the plot, Sciutti did not offer an answer to multiple inquiries from Infobaebut someone extremely close to Mitroff broke the silence for him.

“They were from October to November. The service they provided was intermediation. They advised Zoe on the issue of trusts, Cositorto wanted one. And the administrator of that trust was Generation Zoe. They had nothing to do with the investors,” continues the source.

What follows is disturbing: “Few people entered the trust, we do not know how much. Most of the twine was in black, physical silver, cash, leaked, or cryptocurrency stuff. That, Julieta and Maximiliano know it well. Zoe’s asked to do something legal but greed and ignorance were stronger.

What is or was in that trust, how much it amounts to and how many victims, where it had its accounts, is something that is unknown. If Zoe was keeping a parallel accounting of black money, that’s another story.

Inside: Cositorto at the Cavia Street headquarters of the PFA after being extradited from the Dominican Republic.
Inside: Cositorto at the Cavia Street headquarters of the PFA after being extradited from the Dominican Republic.

With respect to the alleged entry into the National Securities Commission, there is an unavoidable instrument: Zoe should become a Settlement and Compensation Agent, or ALyC, before the CNVa company that acts as an intermediary between investors or companies and the markets.

The procedure requires a large number of controls and documentation, it is not exactly simple. Through this procedure, Sciutti, Mitroff and Yrimia, through an alleged contact, they charged 600 thousand dollars to Cositorto, according to sources in the case. Not only is there a contract about it that was seized in

The procedure of the ALyC, literally, It’s free.

Nor was there a formality: sources in the CNV confirmed that Cositorto, Yrimia, Sciutti and Mitroff never started orders before the Commission. The CNV has no connection with any type of collection in this regard.

The story seems fascinating: a gig within the gig.

There are also suspicions as to where the silver may have ended up. The PFA raided Yrimia’s father: they found 500 thousand dollars in his house in Villa Luro. For some, that money would be part of the alleged 600 thousand that were taken from Cositorto.

The situation of Yrimia, who is today supposedly in Dubai, is still diffuse. Sources in the security organizations assure that this week he would have been arrested, after five months of arrest warrants, but they do not fully confirm it.. The prosecutor Companys awaits a ratification from the Foreign Ministry in this regard.


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