Pyongyang Rejects Seoul’s Economic Aid Ahead of Large-Scale US-South Korea Military Exercises

Seoul, Aug 19 Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, today categorically rejected the offer of economic assistance in exchange for the regime denuclearizing proposed by South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, on the eve of Seoul and Washington resuming maneuvers large-scale military.

Kim repeatedly disqualified Yoon Suk-yeol, calling his proposal this week “absurd.”

For its part, the South Korean president’s office lamented hours later the rejection shown by Pyongyang and its “rude” message.

“Even before pondering the ‘policy towards the North’ of the South Korean authorities, we can say that we do not like Yoon Suk-yeol himself,” Kim Jong-un’s sister wrote in the statement published today by the KCNA agency and titled “Do not dream of the ridiculous.”

Kim, deputy director of North Korea’s one-party propaganda department, said the regime will never “sit face-to-face with him” whatever offer he puts forward.


The words of the sister of the North Korean leader come four days after Yoon proposed an economic assistance plan that he himself described as “bold” and that promised Pyongyang a phased program of food assistance, economic support and investment in infrastructure in case that the regime opted for denuclearization.

“Dogs, whether as a puppy or an adult, always bark, and the same can be said for one who holds the title of ‘president,’” Kim said of Yoon, whose plan he considered identical to the one proposed by Lee Myung-bak, earlier. Conservative president of South Korea who ruled from 2008 to 2013.

After the rapprochement between Pyongyang, Seoul and Washington between 2018 and 2019 during the liberal Moon Jae-in’s mandate in Seoul, Kim seemed to assure today that no similar situation will be repeated under the current conservative government in the South.

The deputy director of propaganda even insisted on the idea that the covid outbreaks detected for the first time in the isolated Asian country have their origin in objects that arrived from the South and assured that the offer of help “will only incite more hatred and fury” in the North Korean people after shipment of “dirty waste”.

“The rogue who speaks of a ‘bold plan’ today and organizes military exercises against the North the next day is none other than the ‘genius’ of Yoon Suk-yeol,” Kim said, referring to the joint exercises that will resume next Monday. for the first time since 2018 Washington and Seoul in South Korean territory.

Kim called it “repulsive” that Yoon uttered “absurd words in an impertinent way” when he presented his plan last Monday and assured that the South Korean president “is really simple and childish” for believing that Pyongyang would agree to give up nuclear weapons in exchange for his offer.


“We find it very regrettable that North Korea continues to use foul language when referring to the president and continues to express its desire for nuclear development while distorting the meaning of our bold plan,” the southern presidential office responded in a statement hours later.

“This attitude on the part of North Korea does not help North Korea’s own future or the peace and prosperity of the Korean peninsula and will only accelerate its international isolation,” the text added.

After the failure of the Hanoi summit in 2019 and with Pyongyang completely isolated from the outside since the pandemic began, the regime has embarked on a weapons modernization plan to which the allies are responding with plans to increase the deployment of military assets on the peninsula .

Pyongyang has also completed preparations for its first nuclear test in five years, and Seoul and Washington this week reaffirmed their intention to respond by deploying US strategic assets to the region should the North Korean military carry out the test.

The regime had already advanced its position the day before by launching two cruise missiles, something to which Kim made reference today, mocking the alleged inability of the South Korean and US armies to establish the details of the launch.

The North Korean spokeswoman wondered why the allies “could not correctly indicate the time and place of the launch and why they do not communicate information about this weapon system to the public.”

“If the data and the flight path were known, the South would be so baffled and scared. And it would be worth seeing how they explain it to their people,” he concluded.

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