One of Real Madrid’s top stars asked to leave the club and Ancelotti confirmed it: “There is no going back”

Casemiro asked to leave Real Madrid and would go to Manchester United (Photo: Reuters)
Casemiro asked to leave Real Madrid and would go to Manchester United (Photo: Reuters)

“I have spoken with him this morning, he wants to try a new challenge, a new opportunity”. with that phrase Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that the Brazilian Casemiro asked to leave real Madrid and be transferred to Man Utd before the closing of the pass book.

The coach of Meringue He accepted that he had a conversation with the 30-year-old midfielder where he communicated his desire to leave Spanish football: “The club understands this because of what Casemiro has done here. Because of the person he is, we must respect this desire that he has. There are negotiations at the moment, nothing is official, he is still a Real Madrid player but it is clear: his will is to leave. And if he comes out, if they find a deal, we have the resources to replace him.”

“I did not try to convince him, I have only listened. I am very confident with him, he has helped us a lot, listening to his wishes, his wishes, i think there is no way to go back. It is to take this into account. If the negotiation goes well for him, we have to wish him well. Now it’s hard to talk because I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few hours, if he stays or not.. If he does not stay, it is clear that the gratitude for him is great. He has done it and he is doing very well”, he acknowledged.

The South American player began in São Paulo in his country, but by 2012 he had already landed in the subsidiary of Meringue, but quickly began to be considered in the main squad. He, although he added a loan during 2014/15 in Porto de Portugal, where he did not last long and was called to return to establish himself definitively in the Spanish club.

“I see that his teammates understand him, to make an evaluation we have to take into account how much love and how much respect all of Real Madrid, including the players, have for him. When he asks, he has the will to look for a new challenge, we have to understand and accept it. Maximum respect and maximum affection. We are not angry, we are not sad. On a personal level, when you are with such a kind, serious, professional person, it is clear that you are not happy, but respect prevails for his decision.”, clarified the team coach.

“These are personal issues, I think Casemiro understands very well what Real Madrid is, but then there is the will. Something similar happened to me, when I was coach of Milan, there comes a time when you you feel great but you want to try something new. I was also very comfortable with a club that was a family like Milan at the time, but you plan to try a new experience in a new league, in a new country, with a new language, it is something personal. I understand it perfectly”, analyzed the Italian.

Information indicates that Manchester United would disburse about 60 million euros to consolidate one of the great transfers of the current transfer market and thinks about presenting a five-year contract that would be around almost 100 million euros gross for the footballer who also stands out in the selection of his country. Ancelotti confirmed that they will not go on the market looking for a midfielder to replace him and that he warned that he will bet on Toni Kroos, Tchouaméni or Camavinga on that site. “Within the squad we have the replacement, we have many good players who can play in that position,” he said.

Winner of 18 titles with the white shirt, Casemiro will seek at the end of the year to achieve the great title that he lacks with his country: the world Cup. Brazil, a member of Group G, will debut against Serbia on Thursday, November 24, and will then face Switzerland and Cameroon.

Meanwhile, he will have to adapt to a club that is in full crisis. The Red Devils they just signed Erik ten Hag as the new coach, but the start of the Premier League is to be forgotten with two defeats against Brighton And Hove and Brentford that placed it in the last position of the table. To top, Cristiano Ronaldo pressure to leave the ranks of an entity that will play the Europa League after being in sixth position the previous season.


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