Yuridia gave details of her social phobia disorder: “It helps me a lot to know that I am not alone”

(Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)
(Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)

Throughout his already extensive artistic career, Yuridia Francisca Gaxiola Floresbetter known as Yuridia She has been pointed out on more than one occasion for her lack of availability to attend the media or hold large meetings, but this fact has a background that the former academic addressed for the first time and gave details of her social phobia disorder.

It was in an interview for the program First hand where the interpreter of I already forgot you opened his heart and confessed that he suffers from social phobiaan anxiety disorder which in his more than two decades of career has brought him some consequences to fully develop as an artist.

It helps me a lot to know that I am not alone.there are many artists and not just other artists, it’s everyone’s turn, surely you, those who are watching the most at home, that’s every day”, he highlighted for the evening program of Image Television.

The 35-year-old interpreter mentioned that the visibility of mental health is one of the things that has helped her deal with it: “It reassures me to know that I am not alone and that there are many people who also pass on their tips and no way, there are to learn to live with this”, he said in his interview for the program First hand.

The singer of hits like Friends No please, don’t kiss her, Angel and several more highlighted that this condition has made him more aware and empathic in various aspects of his life off stage: “In a certain way that also helps you to become more humble, from time to time, because knowing that this exists in the world, like good things too”, he highlighted.

In this context, the former academic stressed that she has always prepared herself for the criticism and media criticism in which she has been involved.

(Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)
(Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)

“I say: ‘Look, there will always be people who criticize just because.’ She has gone to read, well several hatebut the nice thing about him is that he composes his own music and that’s where he lets off steam and that’s the best part, because maybe a lot of people get angry, but he composes his music, he does it, he doesn’t keep it, “he highlighted for the cameras of the morning of the sun rises

On the other hand, the singer-songwriter from Sonora who rose to fame in 2005 as a member of the fourth generation of The academy did not miss the opportunity to speak about its cancellation at the Tijuana Fair after the wave of violence that Baja California experienced during the second week of August.

“It’s very sad, we’ll still see the show, I don’t know when I’m going to show up,” concluded the interpreter from Hermosillo, Sonora. It was a day after what happened in Baja California, when Yuridia shared a message via social networks to inform her followers that the show would have to be cancelled.

(Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)
(Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)

“We regret to inform that, for reasons beyond Yuridia and the company RAS Entertainment, the show that the artist would offer today, August 13 at the Tijuana Fair will be canceled. The new date for this concert will be announced in the coming days. The tickets purchased will be valid for the new date ”, could be read in the temporary Instagram story of the beloved singer.


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