With a washed face, Pampita showed how she prepares for each look

Pampita’s behind the scenes to put together her looks

On Tuesday Carolina pampita ardohean said present in THE M (America) and had an intimate one-on-one with Ángel de Brito, where they chatted about all the topics. A few hours before, she shared a video that compiles everything prior to his arrival on the program, and the preparation together with her styling team for the night look she wore. Proud of the result He showed behind the scenes on his Instagram accountwhich had the fleeting participation of two of his children.

In just one minute of duration of the clip, it is appreciated backstage from start to finish: the model sits in front of the mirror completely natural, and make-up artist Sofia Carnevale begins to apply foundation, while hairstylist Valentine Pinal straightens her hair and curls the ends. In the back you can also see Mercedes Ugarte, the driver’s historical costume designer, and simultaneously all the professionals work in coordination.

Then he takes little Ana, one year old, in his arms and breastfeeds her while the make up keep going. also appears Beltran, fruit of her previous relationship with Benjamín Vicuña, who approaches her to ask her something and she answers him while she continues with the baby on her lap. After checking the phone, almost ready, it was time to put on the three-piece set.

Pampita with her styling team
Pampita with her styling team

“Dream team, ready for LAM”, He celebrated in another post where he posed with the silver top, high-waisted leatherette pants and matching blazer. Newcomer to the cycle, De Brito asked him to parade and there he dazzled with the complete outfit. During the conversation, he acknowledged that he feels that he is in a magical moment due to the combination of personal and professional well-being. And he acknowledged:Life itself places you in what is important. After experiencing certain things, you no longer want to get hooked on anything ugly or bad for you”.

“Afterwards you say: ‘This is for an age’. You can’t go on like this, you have to evolve. In the beginning you don’t have the wisdom. After, love, lack of love, things that happen to you, life, death, everything makes you learn and makes you locate yourself”, he explained. In this sense, she assured that he handles criticism in a different way, and specifically referred to the comments about the getaways he makes twice a year with family and friends: “I have my vacations now because later, when I work, I work a lot”.

The evening outfit that Pampita Ardohain chose for the interview at LAM
The evening outfit that Pampita Ardohain chose for the interview at LAM

I know that people say: ‘Come on, you live on the road’; but no, it’s not like that. I plan the vacations because we are many, we buy the tickets with time. If not at the last moment they kill you”, he said, emphasizing that every time he moves to a place he also fulfills the responsibilities agreed in the contract he signed with a renowned hotel chain. And he listed who they were on the last trip to Europe: “There were several friends with his partners, my family, my brother Guillermo, his partner and my children; They are beautiful vacations like that in gang, we love it. We are like gypsies, we all go everywhere together”.

He also clarified that he usually unifies work commitments, and last time some members of the production of Being Pampita, the reality show that captures some moments of his day to day, to record material. “The third season is confirmed for the next summer vacation; In February we always go on a trip, we do it accompanied, ”she explained. And he anticipated that the destination chosen for the summer of 2023 will be Brazil.


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