Why María Fernanda Cabal did not sign the salary reduction of congressmen: this was said by the senator

Maria Fernanda Cabal |  PHOTO: Colprensa
Maria Fernanda Cabal | PHOTO: Colprensa

Senator’s initiative Green Alliance Party, Jota Pe Hernándezseeks to implement a reduction in the salaries of congressmenare more than more than 100 parliamentarians, among senators and representatives to the House, who have signed initiative.

Recently, Senator María Fernanda Cabal, from the Democratic Center party, I affirm that I would not sign this project, as Dove Valenciafrom the same party, I would have a similar projectwhich has the same intention to reduce wages.

The senator gave a retweet to a tweet from Congresswoman Paloma Valencia that says: “We invite you to join us in the solidarity tax initiative for high State salaries; It is the only legal and effective way to lower the ssalaries for this period.

Cabal wrote alongside the trill “Senator Paloma Valencia has a better initiative, which not only effectively reduces the salary of congressmen, but also that of all high-ranking state officials. That is why we did not sign the project of Senator Jota Pe (Hernández)”.

It should be noted that the initiative of Senator Paloma Valencia of the Democratic Center Party (Álvaro Uribe Vélez Party) seeks to impose a 20% tax on the highest salaries in the Colombian State, in addition, it could enter into the Tax Reform, for which would have an urgent message.

The bill 097 of 2022, authored by Jonathan Pulido, better known on social networks as Jota Pe Hernández, who seeks to reduce the salary of congressmen to 25 minimum wages by eliminating the special service premium, had a great media impact, which not only it gave visibility to the senator of the Green Alliance, but also forced many congressmen to sign it.

However, Jota Pe has already concluded the process of collecting support and of the 160 signatures it expected (100 representatives and 60 senators), it only obtained 115 (55 senators and 60 representatives). Now, as the senator previously commented, he wants Colombians to know which were the congressmen who did not agree to reduce their salary, taking into account the final list of those who did sign his bill.

Common: Imelda

Green Alliance: Ivan Leonidas Name Vasquez

Democratic Center: María Fernanda Cabal, Paloma Valencia, Paola Holguín, Enrique Cabrales, Carlos Meisel and Honorio Henríquez.

Historic Pact: Iván Cepeda, Piedad Córdoba, Isabel Cristina Zuleta, Clara López and Gloria Flórez.

Conservative Party: Nadia Blel, Carlos Andrés Trujillo, Marcos Daniel Pineda, Liliana Esther Bitar, Nicolás Albeiro Echeverry, Juan Samy Merheg, Germán Blanco, Juan Carlos García, José Alfredo Marín and Soledad Tamayo.

Liberal Party: Lidio García, Juan Pablo Gallo, Karina Espinosa, Miguel Ángel Pinto, Claudia María Pérez, Alejandro Vega, Juan Diego Echavarría, Jaime Enrique Durán, John Jairo Roldán, Laura Fortich and Mauricio Gómez.

Radical change: Arturo Char, Antonio Luis Zabaraín Guevara, Édgar Díaz, Carlos Mario Farelo, José Luis Pérez and Didier Lobo.

U party: Juan Carlos Garcés, John Moisés Besaile, Norma Hurtado, José David Name, Juan Felipe Lemos, Julio Elías Chagüi, Alfredo Deluque, José Alfredo Gnecco and Antonio José Correa Jiménez.

Free Fair Colombia and LOOK: Carlos Eduardo Guevara, Ana Paola Agudelo and Manuel Antonio Virgüez.


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