The unusual bet for the Chavez vs. “Macho” Camacho fight

In 1992, the “Caesar of Boxing” defeated one of his greatest rivals by unanimous decision, in one of the most exciting fights he had in his career.

One of the most memorable fights in the history of Julio Cesar Chavez it was about the one he had before Hector Male camacho in the nineties. That fight that meant the retention of WBC super lightweight title for the Mexican since he demonstrated the quality of boxer that he was and the public recognized the exhibition that both fighters gave in the ring.

Due to the expectation that there were, endless bets ran that night in the Thomas and Mack Center of Las VegasNevada, USA. Carlos Rosales, son of former boxer Pancho Rosalesrecalled one of the bets that generated large sums of money and that caused the public to be “disappointed” with the result.

for the podcast One More RoundCarlos Rosales revealed that various boxing figures (such as Carlos Rosales and Ricardo Maldonado) invested a large sum of dollars to try to guess what would happen above the ring.

The fans made a series of bets for the Chavez vs. Macho Camacho fight (Photo: Twitter/ @alvez_rebeca)
The fans made a series of bets for the Chavez vs. Macho Camacho fight (Photo: Twitter/ @alvez_rebeca)

As Chavez Gonzalez had the streak of defeating most of his rivals by way of knockout, there was no doubt that the same would happen for his title defense against the Puerto Rican, so the most important bet in the fight was not the result, but of guess in which round there would be a knockout.

According to the son of Pancho Rosales, the bet was close to USD 50 thousand Well, both Carlos Rosales and Ricardo Maldonado invested that amount in the result since the pool said that to collect the prize the forceful blow had to be before round ten and a half.

“The big bet was not who would win, but that there was going to be no knockout before the 10 and a half round, that was the big bet, not if Chávez won or if he won the Male Camacho”.

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Hector "The male" Camacho (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube@Jimmy Pince)
Julio César Chávez vs. Héctor “El Macho” Camacho (Photo: Screenshot/[email protected] Pince)

That was how a series of followers of the great mexican champion invested their money and trusted the skills of Julio César to take Héctor Camacho to the canvas. The fight took place September 12, 1992 before 19 thousand spectators.

As soon as the bell rang, the crowd poured their enthusiasm into the ring and cheered on the mr knockout, who responded with a combination of blows that was damaging the integrity of his rival. Despite the punishment he gave Héctor Male camacho, the challenger did not give in and managed to recover from each of the blows; when it seemed that the long-awaited knockout would comethe Puerto Rican turned the stage around him and both ended up going to their corners.

It was like that bet limit reached and since there was no knockout, all the people who invested a ticket in the bet they lost their money. This is how the son of the former Mexican boxer remembered it:

Julio César Chávez defeated Macho Camacho, but without a knockout (Photo: Getty Images)
Julio César Chávez defeated Macho Camacho, but without a knockout (Photo: Getty Images)

“Everyone was happy because Chavez was winning, there was no doubt, but as soon as round 10 and a half passed, half of the people went cold. Everybody scream.”

The fight reached the twelfth round and there was no knockout so it ended, the winner was awarded by unanimous decision. With cards 119 – 110, 120 – 107 and 117 – 110 Julio Cesar Chavez took the victory and defended his scepter again before the Male Camacho, but he ruined the expectations of the fans. That is why Carlos Rosales assured that the casinos know which fights and which ones will not leave profits.

“Casinos are not stupid, not all fights are listed, you can go to a casino and you will see that not all fights are listed, only the one they believe,” he added.

Although Chavez’s fight against the Male Camacho was one of the best in the Mexican’s career, the Cease maintained a friendly relationship with him untile Héctor was murdered in 2012.


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