Magaly Medina criticized Pedro Castillo and Andrés Hurtado for “using” children with cancer

Journalist called for more respect for cancer patients.
Journalist called for more respect for cancer patients.

Since the beginning of the last edition of your program, Magaly Medina dedicated several minutes to rule on the case that links the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo and the TV host Andres Hurtado.

During the broadcast of “Magaly TV La Firme”the journalist strongly criticized, head of state and the comic actor, for “using” children with cancer, to make a media show, without giving them the promised help and that mainly, is what they need.

As you remember, a few months ago, the driver of Pan American Televisionmoved up to Government palace, with a group of children suffering from this painful disease. All of them were received by the same president, in the Great Patio of Honor, where they were together for more than an hour.

In this meeting, held exactly in the month of May of this year, Castle Lumpsshowed a “cheque” for social assistance 4 million soles, which, according to the ATV program, have not been delivered so far.

Journalist could not bear to be "they will mock" of children with cancer.
Journalist could not stand that they “mocked” children with cancer.

About the topic, Magaly Medina She was very indignant, assuring that no one has the right to make fun of some little ones who are fighting not to die in this way, and that in many cases, they have little time to live.

“Some leaders and some politicians, when they want to wash their faces, look for some public figures to endorse their sympathy, the connection they have with the public and there are figures who allow themselves to be seduced by power,” she expressed remarkably obfuscated.

In the same way, the figure of ATV, questioned the protagonism of the comic actor and host Andrés Hurtadofor considering that I “put together a circus” with a group of Peruvians who live in a vulnerable situation.

Andrés Hurtado again in a controversial case involving children with cancer.
Andrés Hurtado again in a controversial case involving children with cancer.

“How in your right mind are you going to endorse your sympathy (…) How can you lend yourself to that circus to that game, how Andrés Hurtado (…) Those children did not receive anything,” she expressed very annoyed before the cameras of her program .

Before concluding his comments on the subject, the “magpie” recalled that both the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, as the well-known “Chibolín”They have responsibility in this case, and they must solve it as soon as possible because we are dealing with a very sensitive issue for Peru and the world.

“You cannot play with children with cancer, that is already evil, that is not having moral values ​​and one has to have moral codes (…) we cannot sacrifice innocents in that way, that is not Andrés Hurtado, I openly disagree with that ”, He maintained at the beginning of his program.

President Castillo would not have kept his promise for children with cancer.
President Castillo would not have kept his promise for children with cancer.

As it is recalled, on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 17, the Willax TV show program broadcast a new case involving the Panamericana Televisión presenter. Driver Andres Hurtado is at the center of the controversy over a project in favor of cancer patients in the country.

This supposed benefit that the minors would receive was in charge of the head of state, Pedro Castillo, but apparently, it would be a fraud because so far the publicly promised money has not been allocated.

Through one of his programs “Sábado con Andrés” broadcast in the last week of July, “Chibolin” He once again requested mandatory help for children with cancer.

“President Pedro Castillo, I have been asking for several Saturdays that the money be given and that they not play with the health and life of cancer patients. If President Castillo already granted the money three months ago so that no more people die in the country, what is the MEF doing that does not disburse it, ”he stressed.


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