Laura Tobón shows the perfect imperfections of motherhood through her social networks

Laura Tobón shares with her husband and baby Instagram:@laura_tobon
Laura Tobón shares with her husband and baby Instagram:@laura_tobon

The Instagram account @ chismedelbueno7 captured some of the latest stories that Laura Tobon uploaded to his official account, in which he has more than 3.8 million followers. Most of them were unpublished photos after her birth in which the famous presenter showed a before and after having her baby and she left some reflections on the tasks and barriers that the effect of maternity.

Time has flown by and it’s been four months since the businesswoman had Lucca, his little son. Thanks to the fact that she likes to tell netizens all the stages that she goes through in her life, both positive and negative, she has sincerely exposed the process of parenting and family life.

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The famous Colombian presenter uploads unpublished photos with her baby to her Instagram stories. Instagram:@laura_tobon / @chismedelbueno7

The influencer not only stands out on the network for showing her life and winning likes. Through her content she decides to help many women who take her as a role model and are guided by her daily recommendations. For this reason, Laura decided to answer some questions with one of the tools offered by Instagram and selected the ones that most caught her attention to advise those who admire her so much.

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between one of the collages that she shared on the digital platform, the social communicator exposed an image to the public light a few days after her delivery. She had been asked how she had managed to recover so quickly, look as beautiful as she did before, and manage a stable relationship with her husband, Álvaro Rodríguez.

She did not hesitate to respond with a theme of ”expectation” and ”reality” in which she commented that she has had ups and downs, making her audience and specifically the woman who raised the doubt that not everything is perfect and that she, like any woman, had difficulties to start a new stage in her life.

”Do you remember that photo? Here I am about 2 months postpartum and I had my good and bad days. She is a rollercoaster of emotions! But it is in you to have an attitude of positivism and love for the moment you are living, thank God with Álvaro I had very good moments and he helped me a lot at this stage. I think that one’s partner is key to having a good postpartum!! Attention dads to pamper a lot to those moms who are giving it ALL!! ”, assured the famous presenter.

Laura Tobón shows her followers that there is no perfect motherhood.  Instagram: @laura_tobon
Laura Tobón shows her followers that there is no perfect motherhood. Instagram: @laura_tobon

In other stories, they also asked her if she would like to participate in Miss Universe because now the contest accepts pregnant women or women with children, to which she only said ”They imagine” while showing a photo of her with Lucca on the beach.

Likewise, her fans were intrigued to know how she was able to regain her slender figure and one or another woman asked her for advice to learn more about how she manages to continue carrying out projects, being a businesswoman, presenter and going through the challenge of motherhood.

It has definitely become an example for those who seek to pursue their dreams and perform different tasks at the same time. She assured that nothing is impossible, that it is essential to establish a routine, ”split times”and be clear about leisure time to make day-to-day more productive and know in which spaces to share with your family, which is clearly your priority.


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