11 phrases by Carlos Tevez: the first thing he did when he stepped on La Bombonera, how he handcuffed Boca and what he whispered in Agustín Rossi’s ear

* The word of the Apache after the meeting

The first thing I did was look at the box where my dad was always. Emotions are very strong. Then I quickly changed the chip and that was it. I’ve never had the luck to play against Boca as a player and it’s a very different feeling from anything I’ve been through. I can’t explain it in words, I was always on the other side, and today having the feeling of wanting to beat him is something different from everything”.

Carlos Tevez He lived a special night in La Bombonera, to which he returned as a coach of Central Rosary for the first time since his retirement as a footballer. And today technical director achieved a 0-0 against Boca Juniors in a duel in which his approach prevailed over his rival’s plan. Also, He was honored in the previous one and the fans applauded in his ears.

“All my former teammates came to hug me, to greet me, it was a beautiful feeling, that means I left a good memory,” he stressed, contradicting his statements during the week: “I was not going to shout the goal if we did it , obvious. What I said the other day I said with a smile.”

Apache surprised with a 4-1-4-1 pattern in which they had two No. 4s (Cortez and Damián Martínez) on the right wing. The idea had an effect to nullify the Xeneize. “I knew that by cutting off the circulation of Fabra and Villa we were going to have chances, if they weren’t comfortable on the left, we had an advantage. She turned out fine”He boasted.

The match was not unlocked despite penalties. Agustin Rossi he covered his shot to Gaspar Servius, but in turn the former River stopped Pol Fernández’s attempt; both actions in the first half. “I wanted to see the duel between them, Gaspar kicks very well and Agustín saves very well. They are two very good goalkeepers at what they do. I thought that Gaspar was going to hit him hard, but that’s not what he did”, he commented.

The images of the broadcast showed an intimate dialogue between Carlitos and the Boca goalkeeper, whom the fans asked him to continue, right in the middle of his conflict over the renewal of his link with the leadership led by Jorge Amor Ameal and Juan Román Riquelme . What did he whisper in her ear? “What I told Rossi remains between us, they are in all of them too, right?”he claimed.

Tevez and the plaque he received from Chicho Serna
Tevez and the plaque he received from Chicho Serna


His work in the Scoundrel

“This Center has a lot of kids and helping them excites me more, it’s what makes me a technician; empower them, teach them about nutrition, what a gym is, that they grow as footballers as a coach makes me very happy”.

“You have to take care of them, accompany them to the boys. Today the clubs are all bankrupt and it is difficult to take care of or keep the boys, keep them with their feet on the ground, the player sometimes flies too far and loses concentration. You have to do a fine job so that it doesn’t happen.”

Facundo Buonanotte, one of the figures in the 0-0 in La Ribera

“Buonanotte has to be Buonanotte, he is 17 years old and plays very well. He has to make his way, enjoy Central; if he continues this way, it will be short-lived.”

Your goals at the club

“We are aiming for the Cup for next year, to make a base to later put together something of my own, I took it with the armed squad. Politically I do not interfere, I came with this project and I continue on this path. I do my job”.

“Taking Central makes you grow a lot, you are among the three or four hottest teams in Argentina, this pressure, these beautiful things make you grow a lot. I want to stay and make history at Central, then we will see what will happen to me”.


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