Who was the young tennis player Tiago Alomar and the main hypothesis of the accident that caused his death

Tiago Alomar, the young tennis player who died in a tragic accident
Tiago Alomar, the young tennis player who died in a tragic accident

A sad news completely shook Argentine tennis when it was confirmed the death of Tiago Alomarone of the promises of this sport, product of a traffic accident. The 17-year-old player from Gualeguay lost his life as a result of the injuries caused by the crash and overturning that he suffered with his truck on said Costanera in the province of Entre Ríos.

The incident happened at 5 a.m. on Monday, when he lost control of his vehicle., a gray Fiat Strada, which ended up overturning in the vicinity of Parque Quintana in the town of Gualeguay. He was traveling on an internal gravel road. Tiago was with another young man, who is out of danger and with minor injuries. At the moment of the overturn, both were thrown, although it was Alomar who took the worst part. After being immediately transferred to the San Antonio hospital, and despite the doctors’ attempts to revive him, it was reported that the young athlete suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest due to a tracheal injury and pneumothorax. Volunteer Firefighters, Criminalistics and the Cattle Brigade intervened at the scene of the accident.

Enzo Arteniin charge of the academy that bears his name where Tiago trained, spoke with Infobae about the steps that the young tennis player followed to try to improve thinking about a future linked to the discipline. “He trained in Gualeguay and arrived at the academy in January for the preseason, there he decided to move to Santa Fe to dedicate himself full time to tennis, which was his passion since he was little. From there he began an important evolution based on his discipline, I have been a trainer for years and it is the first time I have met a teenage boy who was so clear about what he wanted and committed to finding the best version of himself”.

“He quickly got into the hearts of all the members of the academy, he was a unique being who gave us all the opportunity to learn from him, both his teammates and us coaches,” added the trainer.

The publication of River tennis in honor of Tiago
The publication of River tennis in honor of Tiago

For his part, another of the people who knew the Alomar boy was beto kissedgeneral captain of the club and director of tennis for River Plate. “Tiaguito was with us since he was little, from Sub 10. He came to play interclub. He came to play on weekends to represent River, before his sister used to do it ”counted.

“They are wonderful people: the parents dedicated to their children, the boys to the sport. Good, healthy, honest, hard-working people. He was now training in Santa Fe, during the week, in the morning and in the afternoon, and he was in his fifth year at night.”, he added about the effort that Tiago had decided to make with the aim of being a better tennis player. “He had a good level, fighting and working. He was always well positioned in his province and his region. The last time I spoke with him, he wanted to train hard, to dedicate himself to see how far he could take”, Kissada said.

One of the main theories about the reasons that led him to lose control of the vehicle and collide with a sewer is that a horse could have crossed them on the road. “Apparently there were several horses around and when we dodged there was a drainage ditch. Still, it is being investigated, ”Artoni mentioned about the accident.

Alomar with his classmates at the Santa Fe academy
Alomar with his classmates at the Santa Fe academy

Tiago represented the Millionaire in the Junior and Interclub circuits of the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT) in the Under 18 category. A few weeks ago he had won a regional tournament in Concordia in doubles. On an individual level, he ranked fifth in his category in the Region 4 ranking.

As reported Journal One, When police personnel arrived at the scene, they met two friends of the deceased youth. Both people argued that “They had been at a meal in the farm area and then they left for the Park area.”

In their account, the 17-year-old adolescents stated that “in the Reservoir area, the Strada truck that Alomar was driving passed them at high speed and they observed that they lost control of the vehicle. The truck left the gravel, fell on the right side, ended up hitting the ground and a sewer. The airbags were activated but the car flipped in the air, and the two were thrown.”. They also commented that “possibly a horse would have crossed in front of the truck when they lost control.”

One of the official voices on the fact was that of Jorge Sosa, from the Gualeguay Police Departmentin dialogue with The eleven. “At the scene of the accident, two 17-year-old boys were interviewed, who were in a Citroën C4 and assured that they had been eating a barbecue with the teenagers who were traveling in Fiat Strada and that around 4:30 they decided to go for a walk and They headed to the park. At one point, they pass them and see the truck lose control, swerve and end up falling into a culvert where it lands and flips over.” In addition, the friends of the fatal victim explained that “they clearly saw the way in which they were fired from the van.”

Sosa added that “The speed could be decisive, in addition, it is an area in which the brush gravel is very loose due to the drought.” In addition, he pointed out that “The prosecutor thought it appropriate to kidnap about eight horses that were loose in the park area, given the version of someone who said that one could have run through the truck”. The Journal Oneregarding this point, added that now the investigators are trying to establish who the equines belong to, in order to then carry out the corresponding tests at the place of braking.

The news of Tiago’s death had an impact on the entire Argentine interclub tennis family. “Incredible the number of general captains of all the clubs who wrote to me. Most sympathized, telling me that before the games on the weekend they will have a minute of silence and some teams will play with a black armband. Now, in a U10 tournament that started today, there was a minute of silence for him. An incredible mobilization ”, said the person in charge of tennis at the Núñez club. The idea of ​​the organizers is to hold a tournament that will bear his name to honor him.


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