User insulted Christian Meier on Twitter and he surprises with a particular response

Christian Meier responds to a user who insulted him on Twitter.
Christian Meier responds to a user who insulted him on Twitter.

Christian Meier He connects with his followers and posts various messages through social networks. The actor who lives in Los Angeles, on more than one occasion has used his account Twitter to express his opinion regarding the situation or some other situation that is of interest to him and this time he did not sit idly by.

It all happened this afternoon, when a user of the same social network called Miguel Chirinos (@MiguelChirinosx) wrote a controversial tweet in which he insults the artist, but at the same time he tries to flatter one of his most remembered songs as it is ‘Wait for me on the train’.

“I know that Christian Meier is a faco hu***, but what a good song “Wait for me on the train”, The netizen pointed out, but what he did not imagine was that the Peruvian actor would take a few minutes to answer him loud and clear.

“Dear Miguel, just because he’s not a bum on the left doesn’t mean he’s facho. The hu*** thing is just a matter of perspective; maybe what happens is that you have a small mouth. But when it comes to “Wait for me on the train” I do agree with you. Greetings”, said the artist.

Christian Meier replies to user.  (twitter)
Christian Meier replies to user. (twitter)

Immediately, a number of followers and users of the same social network did not wait. Many of them celebrated what was said by Christian Meier and they even assured that it was an intelligent response on the part of the artist. The tweet of Marisol Aguirre’s ex-husband has so far reached more than 4,000 likes on the social network and almost 500 retweets on the same platform.

It is important to point out that this is not the first time that Christian Meier responds to users who insult him on Twitter. In 2016, the actor was encouraged to write to a young girl who criticized her music and claimed that she was ashamed.

In May of that year, the user of Twitter called Pamela (@MikiRat_) wrote a controversial tweet in which she said she was embarrassed that her friends knew she listens to Meier’s music.

“Gross I thought I was on Spotify’s ‘Private Session’ and now everyone knows I like Christian Meier’s ‘Wait for me on the train. Aww,” he pointed out. Just a few hours later, the artist decided to respond and come out in defense of his music.

Christian Meier replies to usera.  (twitter)
Christian Meier replies to usera. (twitter)

“And now your followers know because you told them. So enjoy it, that’s what it was made for, not to worry about what your friends think.” Meier. After that, the user assured that it was only a humorous publication.

A couple of years later, in 2018, the artist came out to defend his children from a netizen who accused them of being racists. “Well, start raising your children well, they are racists and don’t waste time talking coju ***”, wrote one user.

The actor took some time to dedicate an entire tweet asking him to take it back for speaking ill of his children. “Master, I don’t know on what basis you make such a statement. But in any case, it shows enormous ignorance and cowardice to involve minors to justify their rejection of this server. But you can take it back and apologize like a gentleman,” he wrote at the time.

Christian Meier replies to user.  (twitter)
Christian Meier replies to user. (twitter)

Christian Meier it is a 52-year-old actor and singer who has the affection of the public, however, he also has detractors on social networks, to whom he does not hesitate to respond whenever he deems it convenient.


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