The confessions of “Shakira” Gurrero and the taxi driver complicate the legal situation of Milagro Sala in the money laundering case

Milagro Sala is under house arrest as part of the case "villeros kids" for which she was sentenced to 13 years in prison
Milagro Sala is under house arrest in the “Pibes Villeros” case for which she was sentenced to 13 years in prison

“This is an illicit association that was established in order to defraud the State.” It is a fragment of the statements of Dr. Sergio Lello Sanchez, attorney general of Jujuy. “And back with this room. It’s already something common, huh, ”he says as if wanting to talk Marcelo, a remis from Jujuy, who travels from the Gobernador Guzmán Airport to San Salvador de Jujuycapital city.

Since Mirta Guerrero, alias “Shakira”, once the right hand of the leader of the Tupaca Amaru, approached the Jujuy Judiciary as “repentant”, the topic miracle room again roams the province. The statements of the defendants who expose as “collaborators” generated an impact in the courts of the northern province.

It is that after the television appearance of “Shakira”, on Sunday in the program of Jorge Lanata in The thirteenthe judicial situation of the leader from Jujuy, in prison since 2016, was once again a topic of conversation among Jujuy people.

Meanwhile, on AM 630, the radio that plays in the background in the Duster of the shuttle, they continue to play parts of the interview that Lello gave the Channel 4 local. Later, in a bar on General Alvear Street, in the heart of the capital city, Provincial Channel 7 also talks about the issue: “The case against Milagro Sala is extended,” reports the graph on one of the LEDs.

The key to the statements against Sala

At this time, the Public Ministry of the Accusation began to take statements from those witnesses who agreed to provide information in the context of the criminal case investigating the alleged crime of money laundering.

In this scheme, Dr. Diego Funes, head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes against the Public Administration No. 2, yesterday listened to José Augusto Choque, ex-Chauffeur de Sala, and to Shakira, who made an extension, after his first presentation.

The statements of Shakira and Clash They provided testimonies and probative material, such as documents, facsimiles and photographs that, if the prosecution can prove them, complicate the procedural situation of the Chamber.

While Guerrero was one of the most loyal henchmen to the Tupac Amaru leader for six years, Jose Augusto Chocho She worked as a trustworthy remis for Sala and her husband, Pedro Raúl Noro.

In his statement before prosecutor Funes, the driver stated that he transported 5 million pesos to finance part of the presidential campaign of the Front for Victoryin the 2015 elections. At that time, Daniel Scioli was the candidate for president of the ruling party and Carlos “Chino” Zaninito vice.

Daniel Scioli, MIlagro Sala and Caralos Zaninni during a campaign event prior to the 2015 presidential elections
Daniel Scioli, MIlagro Sala and Caralos Zaninni during a campaign event prior to the 2015 presidential elections

For his part, “Shakira” provided details about the trips abroad that Sala and other Tupac leaders made with the purpose of giving the money obtained from the State a legal appearance.

In turn, as reported to Infobae sources from the courts of Jujuy, Shakira also elaborated in relation to the buildings and houses that Sala built with public funds and allocated to friends and relatives of her political organization.

Another source with access to the file explained to this medium that the Justice seeks to investigate who these constructions were for and what relationship, specifically, they had with the leader of Tupac Amaru.

According to the statements made by Sala’s former right-hand man, the buildings were made for “important leaders” from the leader’s environment. These are houses located in San Salvador and others in areas surrounding the provincial capital.

One of the Milagro Sala houses investigated
One of the Milagro Sala houses investigated

At the time of the allegations, to grant procedural benefits to the “defendants collaborators”, the Public Ministry requires corroborating what was declared by each “repentant”. Otherwise, it may be considered “false testimony”.

It should be remembered that this is the file in which Milagro Sala and 16 leaders and close associates of the Tupac Amaru provincial organization are accused. The prosecution investigates “various maneuvers with which the accused allegedly laundered more than 200 million pesos.”

Meanwhile, the investigation for money laundering -as established in Article 303 of the Criminal Code-, has as precedents the “Pibes Villeros” case and the “Mega Cause”, which investigates the scheme implemented around a program of community integration.


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