Tense moment between Truckers and the Police for a flag in the preview of the march

The flag that the Truckers union “hung” on the rise of the Highway

Tense moments were experienced this morning in a sector of the “Rolo de la 9 de Julio Sur”on the rise of Avenida San Juan and Lima, by a flag placed by the Truckers’ Guild over that place, which hampered visibility and endangered motorists.

The protesters who arrived early to participate this noon in the mobilization called by the CGT, hung a flag with the colors “green and white” representatives of the union, on Highway 25 de Mayo.

Immediately, the City Police was present at the scene and removed it. That situation led to a face-to-face discussion between the protesters and the troopswhich removed the flag.

The moment of the crossing between the protesters and the City Police
The moment of the crossing between the protesters and the City Police

The discussion began to escalate. In the images released, it is seen how a cash exchanges words with one of the protesters. As the minutes passed and they did not reach an agreement, more trucker demonstrators began to climb to prevent the Police from keeping the flag.

A twenty union members with bibs and green jackets came running to the place and They forcibly removed the flag from the troops and “hung” it again from the Highwaywhile the tension and danger grew for motorists who were circulating in the area at that time.

The discussion became more heated. Even some pushes and struggles were seen between the unionists and the cashs, until the Infantry Guard had to intervene. The troops went up, made a cordon between the police and the protesters, and removed the flag again.

The presence of this body of specialized troops managed to persuade the trucker demonstrators who finally dropped their attitudeThey recovered the flag and left the place.

After coming down from 25 de Mayo, the demonstrators mobilized with the flag unfurled from Avenida 9 de Julio and San Juan towards the Obelisk area shouting Hang on truckers!

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