Spain: 10 injured when leaving a train stopped by fire

MADRID (AP) — Several people were injured in eastern Spain when they exited a train that had been stopped by a fire without waiting for the driver to change direction to avoid the flames, authorities said.

The train was traveling through the Valencia region on Tuesday when the driver decided to turn around due to the fire that was advancing from the outskirts of the town of Bejís, further east.

Some passengers got off the train when it stopped in the field, several after breaking windows to escape, according to authorities. Ten people were injured, according to the state news agency Efe.

The Castellón province government tweeted a video on Wednesday of firefighters running for their lives as huge flames from the Bejís fire rose behind them.

The fire was one of two that were still out of control in Spain. South of Valencia, a larger fire in the Val d’Ebo area has forced more than 1,500 people to evacuate towns and villages since the weekend.

So far this year, 275,000 hectares (679,000 acres) have burned in Spain, according to the European Forest Fire Information System. That’s more than four times the country’s annual average of 67,000 hectares (165,000 acres) since 2006, when records began.

In neighboring Portugal, authorities said they hoped to control a forest fire that has been burning for 12 days and has burned a wide expanse of pine forests in the Serra da Estrela National Park.

However, authorities warned that a new expected heat wave in the region could complicate the task.

Smoke from the fire in Portugal reached the Spanish capital Madrid on Tuesday, some 400 kilometers (240 miles) to the east.

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