Piñón Fijo spoke for the first time as Fabián Gómez and recorded a forceful statement: “I apologize and I am ashamed”

Piñón Fijo, at the center of the controversy over the conflict with their children
Piñón Fijo, at the center of the controversy over the conflict with their children

These are difficult times for Fixed Gear. It is that since last Friday, when their family conflict broke out, the children’s entertainer is in the eye of the storm. That day, Fabian Alberto Gomezsuch is his real name, he had published in his stories a special message implying that her children forbade her contact with her grandchildren and that caused both Sun What Jeremiah They will use their social networks to deny him, and even accuse him of being an abuser.

In this context, labor problems began for the clown and one of the shows he planned to give in Mendoza, on the occasion of Children’s Day, has already been canceled. For this reason, he decided to use his social networks to issue a statement. Hello people, speak Fabian Gomez, the person who plays Piñón Fijo. Needless to say that These last days were difficult, not only for me but for those I love, love and who pay the consequences for my actions”, he began expressing.

Piñón Fijo and his sons Sol and Jeremías
Piñón Fijo and his sons Sol and Jeremías

And he continued: “As many people told me, in all families there are discussions, misunderstandings, searches, reunions, and we are not the exception, in ours those things also happen. Me I must admit that I am emphatic when it comes to defending my positions. When I’m convinced of something, I don’t save energy when it comes to fighting for what I think is fair, and many times objectively it may not always be.

Meanwhile, he alluded to the post that unleashed the family intern: “A few days ago, before bed, my phone reminded me of a photo and it took me with my defenses down. The brain ordered, my finger obeyed and my heart did its thing too. As I said recently in a note, if I could rewind the scene and not perform it, I would.” “I know it’s hard to believe, but I never thought that this post would take on so much dimension and that it would generate so much pain in my children in particular. I regret and apologize for that. I will also have to learn that many times what one reads as emphatic on the other side is received as mistreatment or humiliation. And if there is a loved one on the other side, it is much more serious”, he continued explaining.

In that sense, he pointed out: “These are new times in society, which I celebrate. That is why the same capacity that I recognize to learn about things that I am passionate about such as new art, new technologies, I will also put at the service of the new evolved ways of relating them between human beings. It is good to do it hand in hand with young people, in my case my children”.

In addition, he addressed his audience: “I want to apologize for having taken up so much space these days, and I am ashamed. To those who embraced us dreaming that we would recover harmony and calm, we say that it was not in vain, we listened to you and attended to you, and here we are trying to follow your valuable directives.”

And he continued with the thanks: “To a large part of the press that did not judge but reported, also thank you very much. To the municipalities that initially believed in me and that because of this situation lifted my shows, tell them that I understand them, that I am going to return every penny of the cachet paid to date, I also understand the municipalities that have doubts about me. Perhaps I would have the same doubts, and guarantee them that I am not going to keep a single penny from anyone without giving mine in return.

Lastly, he referred to Sol and Jeremías: “And above all things to my children, who know what they have gone through these days and what they are still going through, my commitment to collaborate so that they recover their peace of mind, and follow that path that they have been forging with dignity and respect and in the way they have been doing it that makes me proud”.


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