Patricia Benavides receives support from the Board of Superior Prosecutors of Lima Center

Through a statement, the Board of Prosecutors ruled.
Through a statement, the Board of Prosecutors ruled.

They publicly rejected all kinds of intermediation and links with politicians in Peru. The Board of Superior Prosecutors of Lima Center They spoke through a statement shared on their social networks about their position in the face of the latest events in the country.

In this way, they announced their Full support for the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavidesand denied any type of “political interference or of any kind” in the investigations that are news every day in all the media.

“As established by the State Constitution and our Organic Law, is an autonomous body whose main functions are the defense of legality, the rights of citizens and public interests”, they mention in the first lines of the letter published a few hours ago on their official Twitter account.

Likewise, they indicate in the document that it is already a trend in social networks, that the The Public Prosecutor’s Office ensures the independence of the jurisdictional bodies and that their actions as prosecutors are subject to current regulations and the current Political Constitution of Peru.

On the other hand, they reiterate that they have no political intermediation or of any kind in the functions exercised by prosecutors on behalf of the institution and that they support, in no way, the steps taken by Mrs. Prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides.

Before concluding their statement, they specify that the actions carried out by the prosecutors of all instances “are intended to prosecute crime and search for the truth.”

Document published on social networks.
Document published on social networks.

As recalled, a few days ago, various Peruvian groups, mainly from the right, held a demonstration outside the headquarters of the Public ministry, aiming to show their solidarity and support for the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavidez.

But not only with their presence did they show their empathy with the prosecutor, they also shouted phrases of encouragement and strength while carrying some banners against the head of state. This group of protesters positioned themselves on Abancay Avenue to make their claims heard for several hours, causing traffic and discomfort among passers-by.

“The people are with you, prosecutor of the Nation, the people are with you”, were some harangues that were heard in the people who came to the doors of the prosecution.

So far, Patricia Benavides faces six pending investigations against the President of the Republic, peter castle, among which the one imposed for the alleged crime against public tranquility, promotions in the Armed Forces and influence peddling in Petroperú stand out.

The list continues with the processes for the alleged plagiarism of his thesis, Puente Tarata III case and for the alleged crime of personal concealment.

It must be remembered that since July 1, the date on which she assumed the position of prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides announced that she feared for the safety of her family due to the investigations she has been carrying out on Terrones Castle.

He also warned that he detected a drone flying over his home suspiciously. “In my position as prosecutor of the Nation, I am not afraid to exercise my function, but I am concerned about the safety of my family,” he stated publicly.

“In addition to being an authority, I am a mother of a family. In recent weeks, the integrity of my home was interrupted by a drone in my home. There has been an obvious smear campaign against me. We have been investigating an alleged criminal organization, when criminal organizations are investigated there are always issues of obstruction in the investigations, ”she included in his public complaint.


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