Independiente ties with Huracán in Avellaneda for the Professional League

Independiente equals 1-1 with Hurricane, which is third in the Professional League. Meanwhile he Red look for the first win in the third cycle in the coach’s club Julius Caesar Falcioni. The match is played at the Libertadores de América-Ricardo Bochini Stadium, with Yael Falcón Pérez as referee and is televised by TNT Sports.

Hurricane arrived first with the speed of its flyers and with Benjamin Garre Y Franco Cristaldo as their best interpreters. Independent waited and Alan Sonora he attempted to become their driver, but was unemotional in the initial half hour.

The grass was very wet and it was difficult to control the ball. Inaccuracies abounded, but every time Cristaldo made contact with the ball he made the difference and the first alarm came with a shot of his that he hit the post.

At the end of the first half the Balloon was clearer, although without overwhelming and a header from Lucas Merolla It was another warning. While the whistles of the local public at the end of the initial 45 minutes showed their discontent with their team.

At the beginning of the complement Huracán again disturbed the Rojo field and again Cristaldo was the best with a shot that went near the right post.

Independiente’s goal that went ahead in Avellaneda

Although at the worst moment of Independiente he opened the scoring in a play that built it, fought it and defined Leandro Fernandezat 56 minutes, with a good left-footed shot from outside the box.

Hurricane achieved equality in five minutes

However, the joy was short-lived for Rojo as five minutes later Huracán equalized with another display of his aerial power in the after a free kick from the left, Merolla he came back to win from above and Santiago Hezze he connected with another header to put the result in a draw.

The goal gave Huracán a boost that in the next Matias Coccaro demanded the goalkeeper Milton Alvarez who took out a ball with the changed arm.


Independent: Milton Alvarez; Alex Vigo, Joaquín Laso, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Edgar Elizalde; Damián Batallini, Iván Marcone, Lucas Romero, Alan Soñora; Leandro Fernandez, Leandro Benegas. DT: Julio Cesar Falcioni.

Hurricane: Lucas Chavez; Ismael Quílez, Fernando Tobio, Lucas Merolla, Lucas Carrizo; Santiago Hezze, Federico Fattori; Benjamin Garré, Franco Cristaldo, Rodrigo Cabral; Matias Coccaro. DT: Diego Davove.

Stadium: Liberators of America-Ricardo Bochini.

Referee: Yael Falcon Perez.

TV: TNT Sports.

Positions table:


With information from Telam.

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