Honduran musician Jerry Palacios helps young Latinos from his experience

Miami, Aug 17 Honduran musician Jerry Palacios, who at the age of 14 arrived in the United States without papers through a long train journey through Central America, seeks to help young people through an artistic academy who, like him, struggle every day to make their way In U.S.A.

“I arrived illegally on a train years ago,” Palacios recalls in an interview with Efe this Wednesday, after stressing that the artistic center he directs, called “Effect Arts” and located in the city of Los Angeles, welcomes young Latinos who want to stand out in the music, dance and acting.

Palacios combines the direction of this academy with his musical career, the result of which he has just released the song “Pa ‘inside” with punta rhythm, a popular musical genre in his country of origin.

“I’m open to all styles, but on this issue I’m going for the ‘urban tip’”, underlines the singer, who explains that “Pa’ Inside” will form part of his future album “Versátil”, from which singles will be released during the next few months.

He clarifies that punta is a genre with African and indigenous influences that is widespread on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala, although, as in the case of Palacios, there are adaptations to urban music.

The Honduran artist, who is promoting his new song in Miami (USA), stresses that his goal is to continue to stand out in music, whether it is with punta or other genres.

Palacios emphasizes that he will continue to combine this objective with his work at Effect Arts, from where he tries to train Latin artists and contribute to their careers in the North American country.

“We have open doors for those who want to undertake and so that people do not choose the wrong paths,” said the artist about the difficulty that a new life in the US poses for many Latinos.

“Many people fell by the wayside when I traveled to the United States from Central America,” he recalls of those difficult days, which is why now, settled in the country, he wants to serve as an example for Latinos who intend to stand out in the artistic field.

“Music has no borders,” said Palacios, who claims to have seen his fellow travelers die and today tries to use these experiences as a tool for improvement. EFE


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