Five songs in English inspired by famous books

Books that inspired songs
Books that inspired songs

Literary works through novels, stories, horror and suspense have inspired the musical world, exponents of this art that, between metrics, rhythms and mixes, have taken the inspiration to compose and write songs that have become hits or complete pop albums. , rock, heavy metal or more adventurous genres, if the cinema has ventured to transfer the texts to the big screen in large productions, the musicians and singers take references from their compositions by devouring during tours, journeys and moments of rest works that have touched fibers at the source of its inspiration, if life imitates art and art imitates itself. artists like Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Radiohead, The Cure or even the band btshave declared to dedicate their work or take fragments to compose their hits.


The song was included along with more than a dozen songs on the album. “ultraviolence”of the American singer King’s wool released in early 2014, the second song of the same name on the album, was inspired by the concept of violence generates more violence, which can be seen in the writer’s narrative Anthony Burgess in his successful novel “A Clockwork Orange”despite not being a direct and literal reference, the composer has declared that this work inspired her psychologically and emotionally to portray in her song the feelings caused by reading the torrid story of Alex DeLagre; The concept of the figure of the dark man that stalks the passage of the musical track, could be correlated to the energy that overflows in the protagonist created by BurgessIn addition, the singer has referenced throughout her musical compendium other books such as “On the road” of Jack Kerouac, “Howl” of Alan Ginsberg and “Undefeated” poem written by William Ernest Henley.


for the band musethe political thriller “1984” written by George Orwell, inspired not just one song, but the entire album. the guitarist, Matt Bellamy in the past he was hooked on this story that aroused his taste for reading about conspiracies. After reading the book for the second time he understood the political conflicts that the work of Orwellwritten in 1949.

the story “1984” It was an adventure ahead of its time in which the British writer took as a scoop the control of the media, the control of freedom, in a harsh criticism of a system that cuts off the voice of many, under this concept the members of musetook the references to see them embodied in “The Resistance”, an album made up of 11 songs; For his part, “Resistance”is a song inspired by the constant defense of forbidden love of Julia Y Winstonwho know that one day they will be discovered, fans of muse have reported that when playing the song backwards you can hear the word slave, a peculiar coincidence on the text that sparked the obsession of Matt Bellamy.


the famous title “Romeo and Juliet”From the writer William Shakespeareserved as the main inspiration of the singer Taylor Swift to create your first big hit, “LoveStory”. This song was released in 2008 as part of the album “Fearless”, along with 12 more songs. In said work, the interpreter highlighted her dreamy and adventurous side in songs such as “White Horse” Y “The Best Day”Contrary to her current image as a femme fatale.

The work of shakespeareaccording to the artist, is very similar to the negative reaction her family members had after hearing the first demo of the song, in which Swift rescued a romance she had at age 17 and that her parents did not support, after an argument she locked herself in her room and wrote the lyrics in a short time, all this during the time that the young woman dedicated her free time to reading the tragic story from “Romeo and Juliet.


The band Metallicaon their second studio album, “Ride the Lighting”decided to include a song inspired by “For whom the Bell Tolls”, From the writer Ernest Hemingwayin which he narrates some of the events he experienced during his participation as a correspondent in the Spanish Civil War.

The song “For Whom The Bell Tolls”which took inspiration from the work of the American writer and journalist, kept the name of the title in English, was released as the third promotional single in 1985 and within it the members of the metal band made a clear tribute to the scene which involves 5 soldiers in the book, this production had the special participation of the San Francisco orchestra; Cliff Burton was in charge of giving life to this song where the dishonor of war worked as a muse, after the death of Burton at live concerts. metallica decided to include a tribute bass solo to mara, to remember the great contribution and the void left by the bassist.


The eccentric New York singer Lady Gaga included the theme “Alice” as the first single in his most recent musical production,“Chromatica”, an album with pop, electronic and orchestral influences. the singer of “Judas”, was inspired by the text that recounts the adventures of a young girl on her way through a strange and peculiar country; The lyrics of the second single within the gaga album becomes a clear reference to “Alice in Wonderland” of the British writer Lewis Carroll, the lyrics of the song turn Alice’s descent into an electronic journey where gaga takes the search for wonderland as a metaphor for her personal search for peace and tranquility, a place where she seeks to stay unlike the original Alice who wishes to return home; The sixth album Lady Gaga was released on May 29, 2020.

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