Diego Rebagliati believes that Juan Reynoso could play with more players from Liga 1 in the Peruvian national team

Diego Rebagliati spoke of the possibility of Juan Reynoso playing with players from League 1.

Diego Rebagliatti He referred to the probability that John Reynoso have more players League 1 above those who play in other leagues for the next competitions of the peruvian national team. The former soccer player supported his idea by the microcycles of the local environment that the DT of the ‘bicolor’ you plan to do.

First, the panelist from the sports program Al Ángulo stated that the ‘Pigheaded’ will heed the requests of Melgar not to call their players for their participation in the South American Cup. Likewise, he showed his concern for League 1, because in case the ‘domino’ advance to the final of the international competition, matches would continue to be postponed.

After, Diego Rebagliatti started talking about considering John Reynoso. “Clearly the microcycles in local soccer are going to outline many things of what he wants. This leads me to think that It is likely that many players from the local environment will end up playing over those from outside”.

The sports commentator went on to explain his idea. “Reynoso is a training technician, is a technician whose equipment allows you to quickly detect that they are very well worked. He highly values ​​the time he has in training, it’s more he puts together eleven many from what happens in the week”.

The initiative to carry out microcycles with soccer players from the local environment goes hand in hand with their knowledge of the League 1. Being a national DT he has had a pass through this tournament. directed to Colonel Bolognese, University of Sports, John Aurich, Sporting Crystal, Melgar Y Royal Garcilaso. With the ‘creams’ Y ‘red and black’ managed to hoist the championship trophy.

Juan Reynoso in Melgar's training.
Juan Reynoso in Melgar’s training.

The idea of Diego Rebagliatti could be verified, in a certain way, in the first call for John Reynoso. It is clear that being his first call, it is most likely that he considers the vast majority of footballers who were during the era of Ricardo Gareca. But some names could be added.

However, the request for Pablo Lavallentechnician of Melgar, it was clear. In a recent conference, the Argentine strategist sent a message to the ‘Pigheaded’. Call your players in “right times”because the ‘lion of the south’ is playing two tournaments simultaneously: South American Cup Y League 1. For this reason, the outstanding players of the Arequipa team could be absent from the payroll for the clash with the Mexico national team.

Pablo Lavallén, coach of Melgar, referred to the probable call of his pupils to the ‘red and white’.

This will be known in the first days of September (possibly before the 9th) when Juan Reynoso announces his summons at a press conference to face Mexico. The friendly with the ‘Aztecs’ will be on the 24th of next month in the United States.

From his knowledge of Peruvian soccer, Juan Reynoso has in his plans to play matches at height during the next qualifiers on the way to the 2026 World Cup. Arequipa Y Cuzco they are options and he has already had the opportunity to lead clubs in those cities.

“We talked about something with Agustín (president of the FPF) and Juan Carlos (director of the FPF), but more about the official dates. The format of the Qualifiers has changed, before it was played in one or two venues, but today we see that Brazil or Chile itself, which plays in Calama or Santiago”, was what he said in dialogue with RPP.


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