Diego Bertie’s networks will not be closed despite his death: “He will continue to live through his work”

Diego Bertie's Instagram account will remain active despite the death of the national artist.
Diego Bertie’s Instagram account will remain active despite the death of the national artist.

fans of Diego Bertie They will be able to continue enjoying their artistic work thanks to their Instagram account, which will continue to be active despite their unexpected death. As you remember, the Peruvian actor and singer He died on August 5 after falling from the 14th floor of the building where he lived.in the district of Miraflores.

Through its platform, the team of bertie thanked the more than 229 thousand followers of the national artist, who have not stopped commenting on the photos and videos published, highlighting at all times the great talent that the interpreter of “How difficult it is to love”.

“We want to thank you for all the signs of affection towards Diego. He was-and will continue to be-a giant heart, full of great enthusiasm, especially at this stage of fulfilling his dream of returning to music.which was what made him happiest, ”reads a shared statement.

“He deserves that all the projects he has been preparing be shared and that is why this account will remain active to spread these works that he was preparing with so much enthusiasm together with his team,” they added.

After that, they explained that the material they Diego Bertie was about to launch will be published on his social networks, since “he would have wanted it that way. Diego will live on through his work, his great legacy.” “Thank you all for sharing,” they concluded.

Communiqué from Diego Bertie's team.  (instagram)
Communiqué from Diego Bertie’s team. (instagram)

The national musician was about to release his album ‘River three x’from which the themes emerge “Can be” Y “I don’t believe in you anymore”. Producer Manuel Garrido Lecca granted ‘Day D’ a preview of these unreleased tracks. He also gave details of this material, which will be released very soon as a form of tribute.

“I have no words to describe how excited I was about the record, how excited I was. He wanted to resume the musical activity that he also believed was part of his expression as an artist, ”said producer Manuel Garrido Lecca, who expressed his regret at this early departure.

“Can be” is the unreleased song on the album ‘River three x’which with great enthusiasm was recording Diego Bertie. “It could be, a new illusion, it could be, just my heart or it could be love. Oh, it will be”, the artist is heard singing.

“Can be”, the unreleased song by Diego Bertie. (Video: D-Day)

“I don’t believe in you anymore” is another of the unreleased songs of the late singer and actor. “Let the sun illuminate the path, I see the light be shadows in the room, and the wind mess up my destiny,” says the lyrics.

Advance of “I no longer believe in you”, a song by Diego Bertie. (Video: D-Day)

In addition to working on his album, Diego Bertie joined with the younger brother of Pedro Suarez Vertiz to record a new version of “How difficult it is to love”, which they were going to make public on Thursday, August 11 in a presentation. Unfortunately, all this was only in rehearsals.

In the program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, Patricio Suarez Vertiz He confessed how it was that he received the news of the death of an old friend. She pointed out that it was difficult to process because she had seen it recently and it was a hard blow.

“My sister calls me at 6:00 am and gives me the news, I was frozen because I had just been with him a few days ago. Sometimes I think that I would rather not have seen him again because I would have felt the distant news, of a person I had not seen for a long time. Seeing Diego was falling in love, one fell in love with him because he was a real artist, “she confessed.

Diego Bertie and Pedro Suárez Vértiz recorded one last song.
Diego Bertie and Pedro Suárez Vértiz recorded one last song.


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