Cuba coordinates with experts identification of remains found in fire

Havana, Aug 17. Cuba is coordinating with international experts the identification of the bone remains found in the area of ​​the great industrial fire in Matanzas (west), the Presidency reported in a statement.

The island’s specialists have also contacted entities such as the International Red Cross, according to the press release taken up this Wednesday by the official press.

Last Tuesday, the Cuban teams carried out a “last review of the site” of the fire, considered the largest industrial disaster in the country’s history.

On the last day, the Cuban Government reported that efforts are now focused on the study of human remains and personal objects found at the site.

The event has a provisional balance of 2 dead and 132 injured (of which 17 remain hospitalized).

In addition, 14 people remain missing — mostly firefighters — and are believed to have died fighting the flames.

In recent days, experts have found an unspecified number of human remains.

The flames affected four deposits of the industrial park, of more than 50,000 cubic meters each, with crude oil for the country’s thermoelectric plants and other fuels.

The fire caused strong explosions, with flames of several tens of meters, and a column of toxic black smoke that reached Havana, 104 kilometers away.

The Cuban government has not released estimates of the economic cost of this event, already described as the country’s biggest industrial disaster.

During an act of recognition for the teams that supported Cuba during the extinction of the fire, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged the Ministry of Petroleum and the state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela to “establish communication” to begin the reconstruction of the damaged base. .

“I listened to your words with grateful emotion. Together again, we will recover what the fire took,” Díaz-Canel replied on Twitter this Wednesday. EFE


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