Climate in Guatemala: the weather conditions for Flores this August 17

Will it rain, will it be a sunny day or will it get cold this Wednesday? Here it is the weather report for the next few hours in the Guatemalan city of Flores.

The probability of rain for this Wednesday in Flores it is 87% during the day and 81% throughout the night.

Meanwhile, the cloud cover will be 95% during the day and 100% during the night.

As to temperature a maximum of 33 degrees and a minimum of 25 degrees are forecast in this Guatemalan region. UV rays are expected to reach a level of up to 3.

While the wind gusts will reach 9 kilometers per hour in the day and 15 kilometers per hour at night.

The climate in Flores is mainly tropicalhowever, there is an area that registers the savanna or dry humid subtype, which is characterized by having two well-defined seasons, one humid and the other dry.

In this subtype of tropical climate, during most of the year, the weather is hot. Although the dry season is predominant, the short wet season is with torrential rainfall.

This type of climate, dry humid tropical or savannah, occurs mainly in the south of the city.

Meanwhile, the rest of the municipality of Flores is affected by the presence of jungle, which means that the rains are more abundant in most of the year.

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Weather in Guatemala

Being located on the Tropic of Cancer, in the Guatemalan nation the climate is mainly tropical.

However, the weather varies depending on the region of the country, whether it is in the area of ​​the plains and coasts or the mountains.

On the coasts and plains, which covers most of Guatemala, the climate is mainly tropical, while in the mountainous areas the prevailing weather is dry and cool.

the rainy season in Guatemala it begins in May and continues until October, while the dry season It runs from December to April.


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