The striking posts of Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz after the rumors of pregnancy

The posts of Alex Caniggia and his girlfriend after the rumors of pregnancy

Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz They left Argentina and traveled to Spain to spend a romantic vacation. The son of Mariana Nannis and the Bird Caniggia Enjoy this getaway, after having consecrated himself as the winner of The Hotel of the Famous (El Trece), the reality show in which he fell in love with the dancer. Also, he was very happy to get the final prize of 10 million pesos, after several months of confinement and competitions.

In his social networks, he Emperor is posting photos and videos of everyday life in the city of Marbella. She even shared eye-catching posts after she found out about Melody’s pregnancy rumors. “It’s coming”, the young man wrote next to a photo of his girlfriend holding a child’s bodysuit. Also, he used the emoji of a baby.

The posts of Alex Caniggia and his girlfriend after the rumors of pregnancy
The posts of Alex Caniggia and his girlfriend after the rumors of pregnancy

Then the brother of Charlotte Caniggia He recorded a video caressing the belly of his partner, who was enjoying the pool, and wrote the same sentence again. She also posted a photo of the young woman touching her belly, as if she were pregnant. “It is that so much love does not enter our bodies”, expressed the media in their stories. In this way, they generated more speculation regarding the arrival of a baby. It could also be that Alex was making fun of the subject just because he has a very acid humor.

After the end of the program The Hotel of the Famous, They began to live together seriously, without strategies, games or partners as they did during the confinement. In dialogue with teleshowthe dancer talked about her present. “Every day is better”, he said happily and added that now “It’s prettier because there is more privacy and not full of cameras.” Although each one had their own house and they could well live as a couple, visiting each other and giving each other time to miss each other, they began living together at Alex’s house.

“Zero fights, we get along well,” assured Luz about living with Caniggia. Like any couple, they both like to watch series, see friends or go for a walk, plans that boyfriends make when they start dating and they couldn’t do because of the particular context in which they fell in love within a television program.

During this trip to Marbella, Alex plans to make the official presentation of Melody to her mother, Mariana. She was excited at the thought of meeting her mother-in-law, even on other occasions she said that she gets along very well with her sister-in-law, Charlotte, her boyfriend’s twin sister. “We are friends. We talk to each other on WhatsApp and tell each other things.” had said in Intruders.

A few weeks ago, after being eliminated from the reality show, the dancer had revealed that she was beginning to relate to Mariana. “I talked to her, but very little. Un: ‘Hello, how are you?’”he stated before traveling to Europe.

Mariana is quite a character, but Alex is too. I think he is a result of who she is, and from what Alex tells me, he is more like the mother than the father.”, she said about her boyfriend. “I think everything will be fine”, he was excited about how he imagines the meeting with Nannis, which will take place shortly.


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