The sanctions that the Boca Juniors Council evaluates to apply to Benedetto and Zambrano after their fight on the Racing court

Darío Benedetto's apologies to Carlos Zambrano and Juan Román Riquelme's warning.
Darío Benedetto’s apologies to Carlos Zambrano and Juan Román Riquelme’s warning.

The fight between Darío Benedetto and Carlos Zambrano in the tunnel on the way to the changing rooms of the Racing Club stadium will not come for free to the footballers. Both of them are exposed to harsh disciplinary and financial sanctions of Boca Juniors, which would be communicated this Tuesday when both players show up for training with a view to this Wednesday’s match against Rosario Central at La Bombonera.

John Roman Riquelme took note of what happened on TV at home and he was the first to show his anger. The vice president went to the concentration hotel at dawn and reproached him in the face of the campus during a meeting produced after the tie in Avellaneda.

“They disrespected the fan and the history of Boca”, the head of the club’s Football Council insistently repeated before a group of footballers who listened to him in silence, under threat of receiving disciplinary measures in case of repeating similar episodes. Close to the historic 10 xeneize they confided in Télam that the Board of Directors does not rule out applying a sanction to both players, despite the fact that Benedetto would have apologized to his partner in front of the squad and the coaching staff for what happened in the Cylinder.

Waiting for it to become official Benedetto and Zambrano would not be part of the payroll that Hugo Ibarra will announce this Tuesday for the duel against the Scoundrel Carlos Tevez. Nevertheless, the sanction could add a few more matches and it is not ruled out that there is an economic fine by the seriousness of what happened and thus prevent an event of this nature from happening again.

El Pipa would have had a clash in the locker room with the Peruvian, who came out in the second half with a bruise on his left cheekbone

At the end of the first half, in which Boca was clearly surpassed by its rival, Benedetto launched an energetic message into the field towards some of his teammates, including Zambrano. When the team returned to the field to play the second period, The Peruvian had marks on his face and an inflammation on his left cheekbone, which was not evident until the moment of leaving the grass at halftime. Witnesses of the episode assure that the crossing was so strong that two private security agents from Racing had to intervene to separate the players.

Riquelme, who followed the match from his home, was disturbed when he saw Zambrano’s face on television and contacted a member of the Football Council present in Avellaneda to confirm the journalistic versions of the fight. Upon receiving the ratification, he made the decision to go from the northern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs to the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Monserrat to meet with the soccer players and the coaching staff, already at dawn. Riquelme expressed his displeasure at what happened and reminded the players that they are professionals, with a firm position of setting limits.

In Boca they do not rule out the issuance of a public statement this Tuesday to set the rules of coexistence to the campus and that partners and fans know the institutional reaction about the episode that DT Hugo Ibarra wanted to minimize after the classic. “I know there was an argument between two players, between (Darío) Benedetto and the Peruvian (Carlos) Zambrano, but I don’t know more than that. There have always been discussions about something in the game and there are in football, because of some situation in the game, but no more of that happens, ”he confirmed at a press conference.

Before the coach spoke to the media, Benedetto was the first to go to the bus that took them out of the stadium and the last to leave was Zambrano with a serious face and trying to hide the injured side of his face. Interestingly, the delegation took an hour, much longer than usual, to leave the changing rooms of the Racing stadium, for which reason it was speculated that there was a conversation between the protagonists of the event and the coaching staff.

Carlos Zambrano's post after the alleged fight with Darío Benedetto.
Carlos Zambrano’s post after the alleged fight with Darío Benedetto.

To feed more suspicions, Zambrano published a message last night that reflected the rarefied climate of the locker room. “Complicated match, but the delivery is not negotiated”, The defender whose contract ends at the end of the year posted on networks. The Peruvian would have already informed the Council of his intention to leave the club to finish his professional career in his country.

The episode in Avellaneda was added to the list of extra-football situations experienced by Benedetto, whose return to the club in February was far from the dream. His second cycle in Boca, marked by injuries, began with high exposure when he gave a public reprimand to his teammates Agustín Almendra after being separated from the squad by then DT Sebastián Battaglia.

But everything got worse since the elimination in the Copa Libertadores, the night of the two missed penalties against Corinthians in La Bombonera. The next day, Pipa was targeted by the discussion with the Council for the prizes, prior to the game with the Brazilians, which determined the departure of former captain Carlos Izquierdoz. In the harangue of the match against Timao, a camera captured the moment in which Benedetto utters insults, presumably to the members of the Council, for treating the Boca players as “losers”, something later denied by the player himself.

The squad practiced this morning from 10 o’clock at Casa Amarilla to play against Rosario Central next Wednesday with a visit to La Bombonera, for the first time since he became a coach, by Carlos Tevez, whose reception by the fans is not a minor fact for the leadership, due to his eventual political candidacy in the future.

In training this Tuesday, Ibarra will outline the team to receive Central, which could be the same as against Racing, with the exception of the absences of Zambrano and Benedetto, if indeed they are sanctioned as speculated. Boca Juniors, which is 9 units behind the leader Atlético Tucumán, will face Rosario Central on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. with arbitration by Pablo Echavarría, for the fourteenth date of the Professional League.


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