The mothers of the dead babies declared in a hospital in Córdoba and await the results of new studies on the bodies

The Maternal Neonatal Hospital of Córdoba is in the crosshairs of justice
The Maternal Neonatal Hospital of Córdoba is in the crosshairs of justice

Today was a key day in the cause that tries to clarify the strange deaths of at least five newborn babies in the Maternal Neonatal Hospital of the city of Córdoba. Raúl Garzón, the prosecutor conducting the investigation, took testimonial statements from the mothers of the deceased minors to have more details of what happened while waiting for the results of new forensic studies.

As confirmed by judicial sources Infobaeafter listening to the mothers, the official will begin to receive the testimonies of other women whose babies suffered – also between March and June – compatible medical complications with the same picture presented by dead newborns, without apparent previous pathologies. Garzón is expected to receive these women over the next few days.

Last week, the prosecutor had advanced in a press conference that ordered the anatomical-pathological studies complementary to the autopsies that had been performed on two of the deceased babies. In this sense, Garzón explained that he needed to compare these autopsies with the entire universe of cases. “The five deceased babies are not clear why they died. And that is cause for investigation.”, assured. According to the sources of the case consulted by this means, the results of these studies could reach the hands of Garzón as of today.

Justice works on several hypothesesincluding that of “malpractice, homicide or negligence”, among other lines, such as the possibility that the deaths were caused by a hospital-acquired virus. “Hypotheses such as complications of the vaccine, medication or medication status are ruled out because the same medication is administered in all hospitals. This is something very limited and very punctual, “said the prosecutor.

However, it confirmed that two of the minors -in the autopsy tests- found high potassium levels and unusual injection marks, so it is suspected that they could have been injected with an inappropriate substance. For the Ministry of Health, meanwhile, the main hypothesis is that the deaths were intentional given that the newborns they had skin lesions “not consistent with the evolution of a healthy child who is in the first hours after birth.”

Although five cases were reported, there is a suspicion that there may be more. On the subject, Garzón said that “There are five deaths where there is strong suspicion, but there are more. According to the moments, they vary between 10 to 12″. That will depend on the length of time being investigated.

That is why in the last hours it was confirmed that the government of the province of Córdoba asked to be a plaintiff in the case. “Given the events that occurred in the Neonatal Hospital, and which are in the public domain, the Province has become the plaintiff because it is the main interested party – as has already been stated – in which what happened is absolutely clarified, the truth is known and full responsibility is established”, said the Cordovan Executive Power through a statement released on its social networks.

The local government “already made and will maintain the total willingness to provide any element required by the prosecutor to provide a prompt clarification of the factsincluding agents and staff. In addition, he revealed that the case is under summary secrecy. “In turn, the provincial State has established and maintains, through the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the availability and assistance of accompaniment to family members,” the message concluded.

The facilities of the Neonatal of Córdoba
The facilities of the Neonatal of Córdoba

About, Carlos Nayi, the lawyer who represents four of the mothers who reported the strange deathshe said in dialogue with The Twelve TVwhich should not be admitted as a complainant”, since the hospital depends on the province. Until now, among the few measures that have been taken, the health authorities have decided to remove 23 employees who would be linked and the director of the health center, Liliana Asís.

Hours after learning of the request from the government of the province of Cordoba, the prosecution finally rejected the request. It only accepted Nayi as a complainant.

In the local media, last Friday the version emerged that behind the deaths of the babies would be a nurse who had entered the hospital in 2020, in the midst of the most complex moment of the pandemic. Consulted by this means, the sources indicated that at the moment there is no data incorporated into the case that certifies that version.

Two other complaints and a claim for justice

In an interview given to Radio Miter Cordobathe lawyer Nayi revealed that received in his study two women who suspect the deaths of their babies in the same sanatorium. One of those deaths occurred days after the period analyzed by Justice.

The first case occurred after “a controlled pregnancy”, but she was told that her baby was stillborn. As revealed by the lawyer, the doctors told him that “he died three days before inside his womb.” However, the woman began to have doubts after the scandal broke and she approached Nayi’s study.

“She has doubts for a logical question, she had two children before, she noticed that her baby was moving, kicking and she was informed that he died in her womb three days ago,” the lawyer remarked.

The other new episode occurred in mid-Juneoutside the range analyzed by prosecutor Garzón. This is a woman who gave birth to her healthy baby and died a few hours later.. The minor, apparently, presented complications similar to the other cases. “The instruction is working morning, afternoon, night and early morning. All mothers have been summoned to testify and provide detailsNayi explained.

While the prosecutor takes statements from the mothers, relatives and friends of the victims protest in front of the hospital. The claim is only one: justice and speed of the judiciary. “We want an answer, we want to know what happened. But we also want to point out that if the authorities had not withheld information, deaths would surely have been avoided,” relatives told the newspaper. The voice.

Over there, expressed their discomfort at the decision of the Government of Córdoba to appear as a plaintiff in the case. “Unheard of. They were the main responsible and now they are going to court to ask to be complainants”, they said.

Esteban Ruffin, director of the Neonatal Hospital of Córdoba

After almost three hours of protests, a group of parents who were demonstrating managed to reach the office of the new director of the sanatorium, Stephen Ruffinwho was appointed last Friday after the scandal broke.

In the midst of a tense confrontation and before the cameras of different media, the representative of the relatives He asked the official for greater containment by the hospital. Ruffin, for his part, told him that he was not going to interfere in the work of Justice during the investigation.. Later, other mothers whose babies managed to be saved, rebuked the doctor for the serious complaints.

The meeting also took place with a significant number of police officers to try to prevent any altercation from breaking out. Shouting “justice, justice,” several women walked the corridors of the sanatorium until they managed to enter Ruffin’s office, according to what some news channels reflected. Even, as it turned out, one of the mothers who protested, decompensated.


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