Prague will raise military spending to a record 4,484 million euros in 2023

Prague, Aug 16 The Czech government has decided to increase the budget of the Ministry of Defense by 20,000 million crowns (about 818 million euros), to total in 2023 the record sum of 110,000 Czech crowns (about 4,484 million euros), Radio Prague reported on Tuesday.

The increase will be used primarily to strengthen the Czech army with new military vehicles, helicopters and ammunition, as well as by recruiting several hundred new soldiers.

The plan has been agreed between Finance Minister Zbynek Stanjura and Defense Minister Jana Cernochová, Czech public television said.

The Government plans to continue raising the money dedicated to defense and security until reaching 155,000 million Czech crowns (about 6,318 million euros) in 2025.

With this figure, the Central European country would be able to fulfill its commitment to NATO to invest 2% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in military spending. EFE


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