Plan International Peru launches strategy to positively impact more than 1.3 million people

International plan
International plan

In the last 5 years, within the country strategy of Plan International Peruwork has been done in 612 communities, benefiting more than 477 thousand girls, boys and adolescents in a situation of vulnerability in marginal urban and rural areas. Through the work of the organization, girls, boys, adolescents and young people were empowered, with an emphasis on girls and young women so that they exercise their right to lead, learn, decide and prosper, in order to reduce poverty, gender inequality and exclusion.

The organization reaffirms its commitment to continue carrying out actions with children and adolescents actively promoting gender equality for sustainable development, living in environments free of violence, fully exercising their economic autonomy and their rightsboth in development and humanitarian contexts.

There is already a new country strategy for the next five years, where it is visualized that by the year 2027 it will be possible to impact 467,639 adolescent girls and women (126,389 directly and 341,250 indirectly), 404,830 children, adolescent males ( 109,414 directly and 295,416 indirectly). Regarding the adult population, it is estimated to reach a total of 472,481 people (127,698 directly and 344,783 indirectly).

Observatory to make visible the violations against the rights of girls and adolescents in Latin America.  (Diffusion)
Observatory to make visible the violations against the rights of girls and adolescents in Latin America. (Diffusion)

To achieve the stated objectives, there will be three programs: Decide without violence, which will seek to generate an impact on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and protection against sexual and gender-based violence.

“By 2027 we aspire for boys, girls, adolescents and young people, with an emphasis on girls, adolescents and young women in all their diversity, to grow up with agency and develop in safe and protective environments free of gender-based violence, exercising their rights. sexual and reproductive health in development and humanitarian contexts”, says Veronique Henry, country director of Plan International Peru.

The second program: Decent work, unstoppable youth will seek to achieve an impact in the area of ​​youth employability and entrepreneurship. And the third program: Educa Acción; directly impacting thousands of children and adolescents in improving their access to education.

“By 2027, more girls, boys, adolescents and young people will have access to and be able to complete their inclusive, quality and gender-transformative education in development and humanitarian contexts. And adolescents and young people will exercise their right to participation as part of their comprehensive educational development and considering development and humanitarian contexts”, Henry continues.

All programmatic actions will be directed to be worked with a continuous context analysis and sensitive to conflict situations; addressing the root causes of inequality; considering humanitarian needs and contributing to building resilience; generating strategic and inclusive alliances with friendly organizations, public entities, private companies and others; promoting social cohesion and active community participation; and strengthening capacities and reducing risks and vulnerabilities.


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