Naasón García sent a message to the faithful of La Luz del Mundo: “I don’t see a cell”

Naasón Joaquín García sent a message to his followers (Photo: AFP)
Naasón Joaquín García sent a message to his followers (Photo: AFP)

I don’t see a cell of four walls”, he told his faithful Joaquin Naason Garcialeader of the light of the world churchfrom a prison in California, USA, where he is being held for crimes of sexual abuse against minors, human trafficking, among others.

This Sunday took place the “Holy Supper”, the most important annual event of the congregation. During the closing, the audio of a phone call surprised everyone present, because it was his apostle, Naasón García.

At the beginning of your message, according to Univision, he pointed out to his followers with a broken voice that despite not being in body present, he is with them in mindthanks to the blessing of God.

“How much I have enjoyed with you, because since the service began here I am with you, united, joyful, full of tears and blessing because today God has allowed us to be together.”

The Light of the World (Photo: REUTERS/Fernando Carranza)
The Light of the World (Photo: REUTERS/Fernando Carranza)

Later, he told his followers some words of encouragement, who, hearing and recognizing his voice, shouted euphorically. He assured that he did not see a cell, he saw them celebrating the important date.

“I do not see a cell with four walls, I do not see the bars that separate me from you, I see your beautiful faces, I see your beautiful party. Yes! Because you are the children of God, the wife of the lamb and today I have also participated in this blessing.

This is the fourth “Santa Cena” that the active members of La Luz del Mundo celebrate the date without their leader, the “Apostle of Jesus Christ”. In addition, due to the sanitary conditions that prevail due to COVID-19, it was not done massively, even so, some gathered at the headquarters temple, located in the Hermosa Provincia neighborhood, in the state of Guadalajara.

The Church of the Light of the World still has followers (Photo: REUTERS/Fernando Carranza)
The Church of the Light of the World still has followers (Photo: REUTERS/Fernando Carranza)

It should be noted that this date is important and is celebrated every year by the church of La Luz del Mundo because It is the day the founder of the congregation and grandfather of the current apostle was born.Aaron Joaquin Garcia.

In the main walkway and the church facilities they looked with some people, far from the crowds that there used to be when Naasón García was free. this time the church reserved its comments.

Is It is not the first time that Joaquín Naasón communicates with his faithful from prison. On July 12, Bishop Rogelio Rojas read a letter sent by Naasón from a prison, in which, Although he admitted to being sad about his situation, he assured that this “will not stop the church.”.

The message sent and read by the bishop, according to Millennium was the following:

Naasón Merarí Joaquín García (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
Naasón Merarí Joaquín García (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

“What happened to me is not going to stop the church (…) I thank God because I feel fine. Yes, sad, but I also certainly know that the church is sad. But this sadness has been removed from me by telling you: the church is firm, strong, united. Support me and take my side with your works.”

“We do not build our history or the church does not build its history by destroying or attacking its peers. We have never done it and we will not start now (…) every day I expect a miracle from God, because every day God, throughout the world, continues to perform miracles “

The “Apostle of Jesus Christ” pleaded guilty June 2 to three of 19 felonies that he was charged against three teenagers who were recruited to dance naked and sexually please him in exchange for his “blessing.”


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