Melgar and the bad streak in Ecuador that he will try to reverse against Independiente del Valle for the South American Cup

Melgar and the chance to make history in Ecuador at an international level.  (Diffusion)
Melgar and the chance to make history in Ecuador at an international level. (Diffusion)

Melgar of Arequipa won a valuable victory as a visitor against Internacional de Porto Alegre and qualified for the semifinals of the South American Cup 2022. A huge Carlos Cáceda allowed the ‘Domino’ to get past the quarterfinals. The next opponent is Valley Independent and the first duel will take place in Ecuadora country where the national team will try to break a losing streak.

What happens is that in the northern nation, ‘red and black’ They haven’t been able to get a single win. In fact, he visited her five times throughout its history and was defeated on all of them. Moreover, in one it was a very bulky result. For this reason, it is a statistic that what is led by Pablo Lavallén will try to turn it around to continue in competition.

The defeats of ‘Lion of the South’:

LDU 3-1 Melgar

This match was played on July 21, 1998 in Quito for the second leg of the first phase of the Copa Libertadores. Paul Guevara, Carlos Morales and Flavio Camargo gave the pass to the next stage to the Ecuadorians. Leonard Uehara did the discount.

Valley Independent 2-0 Melgar

For the same continental competition, both teams met on March 15, 2016. It was in the context of group E and the northerners won with goals from Junior Sornoza and José Enrique Angulo against the cast led by Juan Reynoso.

Summary and goals of the defeat of ‘Domino’ in Ecuador. (xpertowinner)

Emelec 3-0 Melgar

2017 was another chance that the people of Arequipa had to play on the ground ‘tricolor’ on May 25. The defeat was again on the side of the “Cabezón” cast due to the annotations of Carlos Quiñónez, Pedro Quiñónez and Brayan Angulo.

Catholic University 6-0 Melgar

Without a doubt, the most painful defeat suffered by the painting of the ‘White City’. This happened on May 21, 2019 in the first leg match of the second phase of the South American. The Atahualpa Olympic Stadium in Quito was the stage that saw the goals of Edison Carcelén, Jeison Chalá, Bruno Vides, Walter Chalá, Bryan Oña and Gustavo Cortez. Jorge Pautasso was the DT of that Peruvian team that obtained one of the worst results against at the international level.

Aucas 2-1 Melgar

The last match lost by the national squad was against ‘Idol of the People’. It took place on May 13, 2021 and in a season in which Néstor Lorenzo’s men fell short of qualifying for the next stage. The fall due to the goals of Edison Vega and Alex Carrera put an end to the illusions of the team led footballingly by Bernard Cuestawho scored the discount.

Bernardo Cuesta scored the discount between Aucas vs Melgar for Copa Sudamericana 2021. (AFP)
Bernardo Cuesta scored the discount between Aucas vs Melgar for Copa Sudamericana 2021. (AFP)

Obviously, football has turned around and has put Melgar back with an Ecuadorian rival. As mentioned above, the match will be as a visitor on August 31, although on this occasion, the present of the ‘Domino’ it is completely different. It comes from leaving out of competition greats of the continent such as racing club from Argentina (in group stage), to Deportivo Cali from Colombia already Inter Porto Alegre.

The team that Martín Anselmi currently manages is known for lying to the ‘fat fish’ of the continent. In 2016 he eliminated River Plate of Argentina in the round of 16. However, he was not the only one, Boca Juniors they also suffered with the sangolquileños in the same competition, although in the semifinals: it was a 5-3 aggregate. Independent of Avellaneda (2-2 overall, but the visiting goal favored him), Corinthians from Brazil (4-2), flamingo (5-0) were the other teams that suffered from the power of the ‘Tornado of the Valley’.


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