Lady Camones questions messages from President Pedro Castillo and Prime Minister Aníbal Torres

Lady Camones sends a letter to Pedro Castillo.  Photo: Andean Agency
Lady Camones sends a letter to Pedro Castillo. Photo: Andean Agency

The President of Congress, Lady Camonesquestioned recent messages from the president peter castle and the prime minister Hannibal Torreswho called for mobilizations against this power of the State because they would be planning to promote a new presidential vacancy due to the evident acts of corruption that appear every day.

“It cannot be that we launch a message of coordination and improve communication levels and receive those stones from the Executive, those attacks and those acts of putting at risk not only the facilities, but, above all, the lives of our workers and our congressmenCamones stated.

On the other hand, Camones noted that last Sunday he has sent a document to President Castillo so that he has security for the workers in the event of possible marches that take place in the coming days.

“We have sent a document to the President of the Republic because we are concerned, because unofficially we have received this knowledge that mobilizations of people from regions and also from areas of Lima are being organized. He worries us in the sense that the president gives us the guarantees, not only for the facilities, but for the personnel who work here and the congressmen”, he added.

Congress of the republic.  |  Photo: Andean Agency
Congress of the republic. | Photo: Andean Agency

The head of Parliament said that she hoped that her request would be dealt with promptly by the Ministry of the Interior and thus avoid any incident. “Through the Ministry of the Interior, provide us with the number of police officers who reinforce the rings inside and outside Congress. It would be very unfortunate that after the premier’s statements, and which the president later endorsed, control could be lost and we would have to mourn the loss of human lives, “he said.


In recent days, President Castillo has changed his political speech to question the actions of the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavidezto the political control that must be exercised by the Congress of the republicthe role of Power of attorney and the control of media.

Last Thursday, during a meeting with social organizations, Castillo said that the only account he has to give is to the people, thus ignoring the investigative work of the Prosecutor’s Office. “Today before the Peruvian people and in the face of so many accusations that are made, since they do not have the evidence, they have gone to great lengths to create it, since they do not have the evidence, they want to build it. They want to show the country that I have other accounts, here the only accounts I have to give are to the Peruvian people with work and loyalty, with honesty and transparency”, he stated.

Next, Castillo Terrones questioned that “with what morality to a man of the people, to whom they do not find any evidence, they want to give him signs of transparency, of honesty, of a fight against corruption. Every thief thinks that we are of the same condition as him, ”he mentioned. The next day, in the region San Martin, He continued with his confrontational speech.

Pedro Castillo assures that he is discriminated against for being a man from the countryside | N channel

“Do you know why they ask for the vacancy, the impeachment, the disqualification of the president? They do not like that a chacrero, a peasant is in the Palace. Now they do their feint by paying millions of soles to people who put on a chase, a show so that they have to frame the family and say that the corrupt president is there. They want to frame the family, so why don’t they frame those who have abandoned the town’s education”, he pointed out.

Castillo Terrones mentioned in Piura the existence of a sector that would have been stubborn with his government. “Today he has even entered the Palace, they have entered my bedroom,” said the president, referring to the operation of the Public ministry and the Diviac whose purpose was to arrest his sister-in-law. Seconds later, she made a call to stop this type of practice, forgetting that the Prosecutor’s Office is an autonomous entity.

“It is the first time in the history of Peru that They have been cruel to this government because I come from the countryside”, said the president from Security to emphasize that we live in a “totally racist” time and claimed to be the target of criticism “because I don’t speak like them, because I don’t sit at opulent tables like them, because I walk alongside the people.”


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