Epigmenio Ibarra mocked Anaya’s new video: “It is said to be politically persecuted”

The producer criticized the former presidential candidate again (Photos: Getty Images/Cuartoscuro)
The producer criticized the former presidential candidate again (Photos: Getty Images/Cuartoscuro)

the tv product Epigmenio Ibarra criticized again the former candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of the National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo Anaya Cutswho issued a video questioning the presence of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in Sabinas, Coahuila.

Through his official Twitter account, the founder of Argos Comunicación stated that the PAN cannot be defined as a “politically persecuted”as he pointed out that he allegedly fled the country so as not to face the process against him that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) initiated.

Likewise, the journalist also criticized that, in his new recording, the former Blue and Whites leader asserted that the Mexican president took him “the bad way” from the country.

The one who escaped to avoid facing justice and it is said ‘politically persecuted’, this Anaya, now affirms: ‘Before AMLO took me out of the country the bad way’”, he wrote this Monday, August 15.

The producer criticized that the PAN member referred to himself as "political persecuted" (Photo: Twitter/@epigmenioibarra)
The producer criticized that the PAN referred to himself as “politically persecuted” (Photo: Twitter/@epigmenioibarra)

Ibarra’s words came hours after Anaya Cortés published her usual Monday video on her social networks, which have been characterized by point out “errors” that López Obrador has led as head of the Federal Executive.

In the recording of this Monday, the former candidate for the presidency blamed the current president for having expelled him “the bad way” from Mexico last year, as he reiterated that the accusations against him have allegedly been a “human curtain” and a political persecution.

His statements had as context the tragedy of the municipality of Sabinas, in Coahuila, on August 3, where a dozen miners are trapped; since he mentioned that, before leaving the nation, he visited one of the mines in the north of the country and observed the working conditions that workers in that sector have to face.

According to his account, the PAN member went to a depth of 30 meters, since he sought to learn first-hand about the experience of such work, especially the risks he faced, so sentenced that the precarious conditions have given rise to multiple tragedies.

“I remember perfectly when I was down the tunnel, a miner named Cresencio told me how the wooden supports collapse and the mine comes on top of you, that’s why so many people have died”

The former presidential candidate assured that the self-styled Fourth Transformation has not prioritized the rescue of the miners trapped in Coahuila.

Given this scenario, Anaya Cortés launched himself against AMLO for his visit to the disaster zone, as he stressed that he only attended to take a photograph, but that, in reality, there is an abandonment of decades by the Mexican State before the mining sector.

Additionally, it showed that the Fourth Transformation has legislated in favor of the use of coal to produce electricity, for which it called this resource “red coal”: “Red coal because eIt is stained with the blood of all those who have died there. Eighty miners have lost their lives from 2006 to here”.

Finally, the militant of National Action also criticized thatmisfortunes will continue to occur in the country because politicians are locked up in their palacesas well as “in the comfort of their offices”, in addition to only going to the areas of misfortune to make an act of presence and take the corresponding photograph that they will share on social networks.


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