Carrió’s internal pressure puts the Together for Change agenda on hold

Geraro Morales and Elisa Carrió (
Geraro Morales and Elisa Carrió (

The truce of tension in Together for Change could not overcome the long weekend. The brawl disoriented the opposition alliance and questioned the meeting of the National Table.

As confirmed to infobae, the leaders of the coalition planned to meet again on August 24 at the headquarters of the Gastronomic union, in Constitución. However, no one can be sure of the next steps on the opposition’s agenda.

The media statements of “Lilita” during the week unleashed a political earthquake and the aftershocks still shake space. Barely 48 hours after the PRO lunch, -the last Friday at the Costanera-, on Sunday Infobae spread a series of explosive chats Come in Gerardo Moralesgovernor of Jujuy, and Elisa Carrioleader of the Civic Coalition.

The sharp tongue of the former deputy from Chaco had also splashed on Jujuy and, hours later, the president of the national UCR could not contain himself.

“You want to break Together for Change. You are the Cristina Kirchner of JxC”snapped Morales bluntly.

“What causes scandal is not the messenger or his tone, it is his ‘unpatriarchal’ style. What causes scandal is the truth,” Carrió retorted on Twitter after learning of the leak of the chats.

Some of the messages that Gerardo Morales sent to Carrió
Some of the messages that Gerardo Morales sent to Carrió

The meeting of the National Table is in doubt

Looking ahead to 2023, Together for Change decided to meet monthly with its National Table to deliberate on the political strategy of the coalition and present details of the government plan that the four foundations of the space are preparing.

In this sense, the last meeting of the Table had been on July 19. Since then, the leaders of the opposition alliance had planned to meet again this Tuesday, after the holiday. Nevertheless, the conflict that emerged from the “Carrió tornado” bogged down the schedule of Together for Change.

In order to smooth things over and lower tension, the PRO leaders had lunch on Friday at Happening. The general concept after the meeting was to “consider closed” the conflict with Carrió.

However, what did not close were the wounds and fights in some leaders sprinkled by the verbal darts of the founder of the CC. Morales was one of them and the leaked chats on Sunday exposed that anger.

On Wednesday, the priests of JxC decided to postpone the meeting of the National Table that they had planned for this Tuesday. “A hot meeting was dangerous”one of the organizers of the conclave told this medium.

After the PRO meal, the opposition table agreed to meet again on August 24, at the headquarters of the union led by Dante Camaño, leader of Republican Peronism led by Miguel Ángel Pichetto.

The National Board of Together for Change was scheduled to meet again on August 24 (@marioraulnegri)
The National Board of Together for Change was scheduled to meet again on August 24 (@marioraulnegri)

The meetings of the National Table are organized once by each JxC party. The previous one had been in charge of the PRO and was held at the headquarters of the Fundación Pensar, thinktank of the party founded by Mauricio Macri. On this occasion, it is the turn of the space headed by the Auditor General of the Nation.

“We have everything ready. If nothing chaotic happens, we’ll get together on the 24th,” said a leader from Pichetto’s entourage. The idea of ​​meeting at the Gastronomic headquarters aims to give visibility to Camaño, the one chosen by that faction to fight for a seat in the Lower House in the face of 2023 -within JxC-.

After “Hurricane Carrió”, uncertainty as a rule

“Confirmed, we meet on August 24,” a leader with a seat at the National Table assured him. Confirmed sure?asked Infobae. “In principle, yes”relativized the same source. “Today I tell you yes, what happens is that if Carrió opens his mouth again, everything explodes”, warned another member of the JxC leadership. What until last Monday was certain, today is uncertainty.

The overheating of the internal conflict cast doubt on the meeting of the National Table and in JxC nobody can guarantee how the situation will continue. “You have to wait a few days for the water to go down”maintained in dialogue with this medium an outstanding source of the PRO.

If the meeting takes place on August 24, the meeting is organized with an extended table scheme. This means that in addition to the presidents of the four coalition parties, the heads of the parliamentary blocs and four members for each of the party foundations will also join.

In this framework, Mauricio Macri, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta would attend; Patricia Bullrich (PRO), Maximiliano Ferraro (CC), Gerardo Morales (UCR) -today in doubt-, and Pichetto (Republican Encounter), as presidents of the coalition parties. Cristian Ritondo, Juan Manuel López, Mario Negri, Humberto Schiavoni, Alfredo Cornejo, Martín Lousteau, heads of the party blocs in both Houses. In addition to Franco Moccia (Think), Eduardo Mondino (Encuentro), Agustín Campero (Alem), and Fernando Sánchez, Paula Oliveto and Maricel Etchecoin (CC and Hannah Arendt).

The idea of ​​the conclave is to present the report on the progress in the government programs that the foundations of the JxC parties work on. The axes focus on economy, education, security and institutional aspects.

grudges and suspicions

“What causes scandal is not the messenger or his tone, it is his 'unpatriarchal' style.  What causes scandal is the truth,
“What causes scandal is not the messenger or his tone, it is his ‘unpatriarchal’ style. What causes scandal is the truth, “Carrió responded to criticism (Cristian Gastón Taylor)

Nothing will ever be the same in PvC after the last week. Since Carrió spoke, the chats between the leaders of the opposition alliance were filled with bill passes and confusion grew.

Close to the president of the PRO there are leaders who believe that the mayor of Buenos Aires is behind Carrió’s darts. “He hit everyone except Horacio,” suspected a bully operator.

In fact, in the leaked chats, Governor Morales goes in that direction. “Why don’t you talk about the City’s business?” the radical questioned Carrió. “Horacio has nothing to do with it. We are as surprised as everyone”, a pointer with a chair at the small table of Rodríguez Larreta assured this medium. In Uspallata they distance themselves from the expressions of the leader of the CC and seek to be calm: “This level of aggression is crazy, it adds nothing to us”maintains another source from the Larretista environment.

For his part, former President Macri is as furious with Carrió as he is with Morales. In his environment they slip that the radical’s chats obfuscated the founder of the PRO. “You have to lower the intensity and stop fighting in public”Macri himself had asked at the PRO lunch.

In the midst of doubts and suspicions, the agenda of Together for Change is subject to the level of tension that lasts between the leaders. “If this continues like this, I see it impossible for us to get together in August”sentenced a member of the National Table of Cambiemos.


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