Arena Hash and what happened to the members of the Peruvian rock band, after its dissolution

Everything the members did after parting ways with Arena Hash.  (Facebook)
Everything the members did after parting ways with Arena Hash. (Facebook)

‘Hash Sand’, is the band that marked history in the eighties and nineties in the history of Peruvian rock. Initially led by Pedro Suarez-Vertizon the bottom, Patricio Suarez-Vertiz, in the battery, Arthur Pomar Jr. Y alex kornhuber on the guitar

The quartet was born in the classrooms of the school ‘Maria Reyna’ of San Isidro, in Lima, in 1986. The origin of the name of the band occurred when Pedro wanted a compound name for the group and Alex asked that one of the words be related to the beach, sea and similar topics.

They thought of ‘Arena Blanca’, ‘Arena Azul’, but then the word Hash came up and Pedro sounded like an English word. Right in the middle of the classroom, Alex and Pedro came up with the name ‘Arena Hash’ and they loved it. Under that name they sent their first cassette to local radio stations.

In 1987, Alex Kornhuber left for personal reasons and entered Christian Meier to play the keyboards and do the choirs. At the end of that year they released their first album entitledSand Hash, the first single from the album was ‘crab‘ (Shake) and the second single was titled ‘When the bed spins me‘ that became number one in the different radio stations in Lima.

From that first album the songs also sounded: ‘I caught a cold in Brazil’, ‘Stress’, ‘I won’t change’ and ‘Break – ears’. In 1989 Arena Hash performed a series of concerts both in Lima and in the provinces, filling stadiums, coliseums and was one of the few groups that became idols of the crowds.

In 1991 appears the second record production of Arena Hash entitled ‘oh oh oh. In 1995, Del Archivo de Arena Hash goes on sale, which is very likely to be the reissue of their first album, which includes songs by Pedro Suarez-Vertiz.

In May 1993, Arena Hash gave their last concert with Frágil, opening for the band Froeigner. After this, the end of the group came to give way to future personal projects of each of its members.

Arena Hash, Peruvian band from the eighties.  (instagram)
Arena Hash, Peruvian band from the eighties. (instagram)

Patricio Suarez-Vertiz commented in an interview for the newspaper Peru 21 that the musical relationship of Arena Hash came to an end because each of the members wanted to do different musical genres and that it was better to leave the group there and when they wanted to return they could do so.

“They had already matured musically and each one had a style that they wanted to do… Pedro wanted rock and roll, I wanted to do disco dance (Patricio). Christian wanted to do something more pop and Aturo rap. Put that together so how do we mix it? And what happened with Arena was what happens with an intelligent couple: we have differences and before we end up fighting, we better separate, “explained Patricio.

Patricio Suarez-Vertiz Alva

She went to live in Miami in 2003 and pursue her singing career. But first she dedicated herself to selling houses, from there she returned to singing, put together a band in English and released an album in English. She visited festivals, events, television channels, radio stations in Miami. Years later he finished the band and began to visit Peru, he began to play the songs of Arena Hash and his own.

Patricio Suárez-Vertiz and his career as a singer.  (Facebook)
Patricio Suárez-Vertiz and his career as a singer. (Facebook)

Pedro Suarez-Vertiz Alva

‘Pedro’ He launched his career as a singer and began a long career in music, composition and musical production in 1995. In an interview for La República in 2017, he commented that it came from his eldest daughter, Mariajosé, was the reason that pushed him to separate from ‘Sand Hash’ and launch his solo career.

“So I austerely made a solo album, but it hit so hard that even Sony USA signed it. Justo Cynthia (his partner) 18 years old, got pregnant and I had to start playing to pay for everything that came. A new reality came upon me. I never wanted to be a soloist and suddenly I was a soloist,” he declared..

He began his solo career and successfully released the albums ‘(They don’t exist) Techniques to forget’ (1993), ‘Put it on your tongue’ (1996), ‘Current Degeneration’ (1999), ‘Play’ (2004), ‘Talk Show’ (2006) and ‘Amazons’ (2009).

He retired from the stage in 2011 due to health problems. He was diagnosed with Bulbar Palsy, which is a type of sclerosis that does not start with the extremities, but with speech, which kept him away from the cameras and stages.

Now he writes his opinion columns in national newspapers and also uses his social networks to publish his opinion about the most important events in the country.

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz and his career as a singer.  (Facebook)
Pedro Suárez-Vértiz and his career as a singer. (Facebook)

Christian Meier

Starting in 1995, he began his career as an actor, being the leading man of the moment and several national and international soap operas such as ‘Scandal’. ‘Sparrow’, ‘Luz María’ ‘I’m dying for you’. Movies like ‘Do not tell anybody‘ based on the biographical novel by Jaime Bayly, ‘Magellan‘ (2015), ‘All men are the same’ (2016). International works such as ‘Luna, la heiress’, with Gaby Espino in 2004.

At the same time, he also wanted to continue his career as a singer by releasing his album ‘I don’t remember who I was’, ‘First to get wet’ and then ‘Once noche’ where the singer-songwriter Mikel Erentxun collaborates with the song ‘Girlfriend of no one’.

Becoming consecrated by the success of the theme ‘wet roads‘. Today, Christian Meier He is away from acting and has started his musical career with the song ‘Deja vu’, under a rocker style reminiscent of his beginnings with Arena Hash.

Christian Meier and his career as a national artist.  (Facebook)
Christian Meier and his career as a national artist. (Facebook)

Arthur Pomar Jr.

When the rock band he belonged to broke up, he also had a difficult time, his father, the newscaster Arthur Pomar, passed away. The year 1993 was a very complicated year for him because he had to deal with very important events in his life. After several attempts to walk alone, as a musician and even an actor, he arrived in the new century and migrated to the United States, where he currently lives.

Starting in 1994, he went to Miami for several seasons and before leaving for good he recorded an urban album called ‘Pega’. In addition to playing drums for Pedro Suárez and for Christian Meier. In addition to recording novels in Peru.

Then, in 2001, he left definitively for the land of Uncle Sam, devoting himself to music production, in addition to representing a chain of Peruvian restaurants in Miami. Unfortunately, now her health is broken because he has suffered a stroke (cardiovascular accident). He lived with problems with his heart rhythm, for this reason he lived with a pacemaker. He is admitted to a hospital in Miami, Florida.

Arturo Pomar and his career as a national artist.  (Facebook)
Arturo Pomar and his career as a national artist. (Facebook)


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