Amy Gutiérrez speaks after her accident in En Boca de Todos: “No shame”

Amy Gutiérrez laughs at her accident and asks to normalize the ‘rule’. (instagram)

Amy Gutierrez She was not silent about the accident she suffered on the afternoon of this Monday, August 15, during the live broadcast of En Boca de Todos. The salsa singer used her social networks and spoke very smiling about the incident that happened due to the arrival of her menstrual period.

It all happened when the sauce boat stopped to model in the middle of the set and when she turned around, a red stain was seen on her white pants. The driver tula rodriguez He walked over to cover her. However, what caught the most attention was the natural way in which the artist handled the event.

“Uyuyuy, oops, these are little things that happen, the normal, the normal. All women have been through this (…) Everything with a good attitude, very normally, calm because all women understand this moment, “he said. Amy Gutierrez after the impasse in his clothes.

Amy Gutiérrez suffered an accident in ‘En Boca de Todos’ | america tv

Likewise, hours later, he did not hesitate to record himself in the stories of his official Instagram account to comment on it and make it clear that the same thing can happen to all women. In addition, she asked that being with the “rule” be normalized and that it cease to be a topic that cannot be discussed.

“I think it’s something normal, I’ve taken it very normally. We have to normalize the rule, I think, women at the moment understand each other quite a lot. Good attitude and no shame. Let’s normalize these situations. Let’s normalize the rule,” she noted.

To continue expressing your feelings, Amy Gutierrez He also published the video of the precise moment in which everything happens to emphasize that any woman can have her menstrual period unexpectedly and said that she has received different opinions.

“Many are talking about what happened to me today on the show. Yes, I got my period and I wasn’t ready. I am surprised with the comments that I have been finding. Some with shame, others judging, but many more understanding me, and do you know why? Because it’s normal it happens to all of us. No one is free from an accident.he wrote as a description of his post.

It is worth mentioning that the interpreter of the song “They did not tell you wrong” shared the multiple messages of support that several of her followers have published on their networks, showing that many users have the same thoughts.

Amy Gutiérrez publishes a message on her networks.  (instagram)
Amy Gutiérrez publishes a message on her networks. (instagram)

In a Interview with Infobae, the young woman confessed that she really wants to sing a song Gian Marco for his album, and that he is just looking for a way to ask him. “Now he is dedicated to releasing his new album, but yes, I am going to dare with all the confidence to ask him if he would be willing to record with me, I have already tried it and he does want to, but it is full with time. At some point he will be able ”.

He also said that the Peruvian composer He gave him a song, which he will use as the main theme of his album. “I am happy because I am going to finish recording the first song of my album. I’m still outlining if it’s going to be a ballad or salsa, they’ll know later.”


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