Yessenia Villanueva tearfully reveals the illness she suffers from and apologizes to Melcochita

Yessenia Villanueva reveals the illness she suffers through tears. (Say it loud)

This August 15, Yessenia Villanueva She was connected to Lady Guillén’s ‘Dilo Fuerte’ program to continue talking about the family conflict she is currently experiencing and her legal situation in the United States. As it is remembered, the singer migrated to American lands to achieve a better future; however, she never imagined that the owner of the place where she lived was going to throw her out with all her things.

During his interview, he began by denying his sister Susan Villanueva, who revealed on the Magaly Medina program that Yessenia had HIV. At her time, Yessenia was outraged by the words of her relative and it was this afternoon that she revealed that she has cancer.

“It’s not that I have AIDS, I have uterine cancer. I am afraid to go to the doctor. I will live as long as I have to live, because I decided to bring my granddaughter (…) Right now I don’t know, people have shaken my hand and that is very nice for me. Right now I’m shaking because I don’t feel well… I don’t know anyone here, I don’t have anyone,” Villanueva said through tears.

As reported Yessenia Villanuevawhen she was still in Peru, she was diagnosed with the disease, but she had to choose between treatment and the opportunity to travel, so she has not received treatment to date

He also pointed out that he will not denounce Susan and does not understand the reason why he aired his privacy. “I don’t know why she said that, I think it was out of anger. If I had that disease, they don’t give the diagnosis to relatives, it’s personal. I have been able to denounce her, but I do think about my nephews”.

Yessenia Villanueva denies Susan Villanueva about her illness.  (Capture)
Yessenia Villanueva denies Susan Villanueva about her illness. (Capture)

At another time, Lady Guillen asked him if it was true that his father Paul Villanuevaartistically known as Marshmallow, slapped him when they were arguing. Let us remember that, Yessenia Villanueva He said that the comedian slapped him in an exchange of words.

“I take it for the side that got nervous. Imagine, the fights with my sister, with my niece … he is already an older person, I love her and I will never want anything bad for him, ”said the young singer and then went to her father and apologized for the conflicts caused since it appeared on television.

“Father, I ask your forgiveness before God and for my son, who you know is what I loved most in life. Forgive me if I offended you or hurt you, but I’m going to start paying you, as I did and as I’m doing, I’m not conchuda, I’m working with dignity for my children to get them ahead and I’m going to pay you, “he said.

Finally, he referred again to his sister Susan Villanueva and stressed that he does not hold any grudge against her. She even wants her whole family to get together for Christmas. “She knows how much I love her children, I’m not going to do anything… (report her). The damage is already done but I forgive them and I would like that at Christmas we at least see each other by video, just like I offered it to my mom.

Melcochita and Yessenia Villanueva.  Instagram)
Melcochita and Yessenia Villanueva. Instagram)


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