“What a gatez”: Chumel Torres criticized fans of The Academy

the driver of "The Pulse of the Republic" lashed out at reality (Photos: Getty/Facebook/The Academy)
The host of “El Pulso de la República” attacked the reality show (Photos: Getty/Facebook/The Academy)

the driver of The Pulse of the Republic, Chumel Torresis again in the eye of the hurricane of social networks, after criticizing the people who are debating what happened in theat the end of The academy last Sunday, August 15.}

Through his official Twitter account, the influencer described as a “gatez” that social networks be used to discuss things related to the music reality show: “What a joke to be discussing things that happen at the Academy. Frankly”.

A few hours after its publication, the post quickly garnered more than 4,000 likes.while it exceeded 200 retweets, as well as the 30 cited.

The youtuber's twitter quickly got more than 4 thousand "I like it"  (Photo: Twitter/@ChumelTorres)
The youtuber’s twitter quickly got more than 4 thousand “likes” (Photo: Twitter/@ChumelTorres)

However, the criticism -both good and bad- about his words did not wait, especially for having used the term “gatéz”, which many argued they had never heard or read, as well as that it is mislabeled because the graphic mark is only placed on acute words that end in “N”, “S” or a vowel.

“First time I see that word hahahaha”, “The RAE?”, “and the classist and ignorant comments continue”, “yes, in fact, this topic did not deserve a single tweet from you”, “don’t worry, not everything is politicssometimes those programs help us to forget that the fuck is taking us *”, “well, so you say the Pulse of the Republic was to win Emmys, well, neither”, were some of the various comments that could be read in the publication.

As it could be read, many people were once again annoyed with the tweeter, since they considered that his words were classist. However, many others reported that he was not expressing himself about all the fans of the television program, but that he was making fun of one of his colleagues with whom he created his YouTube channel.

And it is that hours before Chumel’s tweetRichard Ricky Darkone of the members of machine 501asked who was the person who had won The Academy, some time later a Twitter thread continued and confused former academic Cesia with Lucerito Mijares, daughter of Lucero and Manuel Mijares.

“Hey, the daughter of Mijares and Lucerito, great. Congratulations”

To such a comment, Moreno’s followers responded: “Looks like Lolita CorteIt’s because he ignored Paco de Miguel’s comedy”, “a certain Cesia”, “Rubí I think”.

This was Cesia's participation during the grand finale of La Academia 20 años, a concert applauded by all those present (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)
This was Cesia’s participation during the grand finale of La Academia 20 años, a concert applauded by all those present (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

And it is that the grand finale of The Academy: 20 yearss caused great euphoria in social networks, after last Sunday, August 14, the representative of Honduras, cesia, was placed as the top winnerto the reality show, causing annoyance among viewers Y this situation being compared to the viral reaction of the judges who also did not understand the decision of the voters.

Although during his last participation in the program of Aztec TV the singer triumphed with an applauded participation with the song For loveby Marco Antonio Muñiz, receiving high praise from his critics, was not reason enough because The Lioness of Honduras was discredited on social networks because fans expected Mar to take first place and the million pesos, as well as other participants obtained a better position.

During the official farewell of Lolita Cortés, The Iron Judge made it clear that he will return next year if he is cordially invitedWell, it’s a project he wants a lot, opening up the chances that the franchise will return for a 14th regular season.


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