“There is no longer collusion with crime,” said Mario Delgado after a wave of violence in Mexico

Mario Delgado applauded the role of the National Guard in the face of violence in Mexico (Photo: Courtesy Morena)
Mario Delgado applauded the role of the National Guard in the face of violence in Mexico (Photo: Courtesy Morena)

The current leader of the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) at the federal level, Mario Slim Cheek applauded the work of the Armed Forces under the context of violence that hit Mexico in the last week.

In the face of the acts of violence that shook the country in various parts of the country, the federal deputy asserted that security institutions played a big rolemainly the National Guard (NG)which he cataloged as a “loyal” and not corrupt organization “as were the institutions in the past”.

In this sense, Delgado Carrillo affirmed through his Twitter account that Morena, unlike the right-wing parties, no longer has an alliance with organized crimein addition to the fact that rights are not put at risk or information is hidden or cases are fabricated.

Terror stalked Ciudad Juárez, Baja California (Photo: Twitter)
Terror stalked Ciudad Juárez, Baja California (Photo: Twitter)

“The difference between @PartidoMorenaMx and the right is that now there is no collusion with organized crime, rights are not violated by the government, cases are not fabricated or information is hidden. Today the causes of violence are addressed with opportunities”.

For its part, the statements of the national leader of the party that led to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) to the ownership of the national executive, occurred after he announced that he plans to incorporate into the National Guard in full to the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena).

This announcement was before Mexico was shaken by the onslaught of organized crime groups, who showed their armed muscle in various cities. Such was the case of Guanajuato, where last Tuesday, August 9, elements of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) –who chanted the name of The Mencho– set fire to civilian vehicles and businesses.

Or like last August 12 when members of the same cartel sowed terror in Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada and Rosarito, where 17 allegedly responsible for the violence generated were arrested; informed the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC).

However, the opposition parties did not wait and showed their discontent with the situations of violence, as expressed by the president of the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alexander little wing Dark Cardenas.

The PRI stated that “Morena lost the country and insecurity is unsustainable. In 45 months, the López Obrador government recorded more than 130,000 homicides, a figure that exceeds any president in the same period of time. Furthermore, he claimed that Mexico became the country of disappearances.

For his part, the president of the National Action Party (BREAD), Marko Cortesasserted that “the country is burning” to AMLO. “The violence continues and continues to increase. Only this week there were acts of terrorism in Guadalajara, Citácuaro, Irapuato, Ciudad Juárez, Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada. With the embrace of the government, people live in fear and organized crime advances and expands.”

Meanwhile, faced with the panorama, Mario Delgado chose to reaffirm his support for the security strategy of the current administration, in particular, the role of the GN. “Today there is an honest government, a National Guard with immediate reaction and a historical social investment; which, as a whole, he said, will be able to return the peace that the neoliberal governments stole from the people of Mexico,” he shared through a press release.


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