The secret chat from Morales to Carrió that shook the opposition and Massa’s fiscal objective

Morales and Carrió considered the crossing they had due to the governor's relationship with Massa to be over
Morales and Carrió considered the crossing they had due to the governor’s relationship with Massa to be over

The leak of a chat that should have been secret between the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Moralesand the founder of Cambiemos, Elisa Carrioshook the fragile truce that the main leaders of the opposition coalition had agreed.

After a week horrible For the open-air internal opposition, the discord reappeared after the dissemination of the message that the provincial president and president of the UCR sent him last Wednesday: “You are the Cristina Kirchner of Together for Change”told her in a WhatsApp that the former deputy assures that she did not read until Infobae He posted it Sunday night.

The National Table of Together for Change will meet on August 24 and they seek to leave behind the internal ones.
The National Table of Together for Change will meet on August 24 and they seek to leave behind the internal ones.

The revelation of the content of that explosive chat was, apparently, the “return” of the sectors that were the target of Carrió’s acid criticism. They are intrigues that reveal -in addition to the disorientation and lack of a leadership that contains the tensions in JxC- the difficulties they could have in exercising power if, as the polls anticipate, they win next year’s elections.

The latest monitoring of public opinion carried out by Management & Fit, the consultancy firm run by Mariel Fornoni, reveals that 55.8% of those surveyed are inclined to vote for an electoral proposal that opposes the current government of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner. Although it is a high percentage, it is lower than the 57.1% registered the previous month. Is it a trend or an alert for opponents who discount a defeat for the ruling party in 2023?

Beyond that unanswered question, Together for Change has shown in recent days, with Elisa Carrió’s statements and the reactions that followed, a level of dispute that is as surprising as it is dangerous for the unity that will be a necessary condition – although not enough – to beat the ruling party.

The leader launched strong questions about the alleged existence of underground agreements with Serge Massathe new economy minister who took center stage in the national government and who is focused, as he learned Infobaemore in finding a fiscal order and in organizing the previous trip to the United States than busy in breaking the unity of the opposition.

Sergio Massa, when he was a deputy, and Morales (second from the right)
Sergio Massa, when he was a deputy, and Morales (second from the right)

An irritating leak

Carrió had an extensive telephone conversation last night with Infobae in which he gave his version of the internal JxC, while seeking to limit the number of casualties who left his last charge. The conversation occurred after the immense impact generated by the revelation of the chat sent by the governor of Jujuy and also president of the Radical Civic Union, who tried -unsuccessfully- to be reserved. In fact, it escalated to such a level that there was a dialogue between them to finish sealing a truce that is less precarious and unstable.

What I said was preventive. I’m telling those who are nearby to spread out. I am saving Together for Change because Massa wants to give us the bear hug and, if she goes wrong and sinks, she will end up taking half of Together for Change with him”, he explained at midnight.

The message that was published last night had been sent on Wednesday, after the flaming verb of the former deputy mentioned the president of Jujuy. The accusation was due to her link -unconcealable, personal and political- of her with the Minister of Economy. The most strident phrase that an irritated Gerardo Morales sent was that Elisa Carrió was the Cristina Kirchner of the opposition. For the divisive, of course.

The reaction was due to the interpretation that Carrió was adding him to a platoon of leaders whom he accuses of having agreements with the leader of the Renovating Front. Cristian Ritondo, Rogelio Frigerio, Emilio Monzó and Nicolás Massot fell under his admonitions. Beyond not adhering to any of the criticisms about his colleagues from Together for Change, Morales sent in that message a detail of his management as provincial head of mining in Jujuy. “You are not going to tarnish my name or my management, which is transparent and transformative. I won’t let you. You want to break up together for change. You are the Cristina Kirchner of JxC“, I send. WhatsApp came out on Wednesday and Carrió swears that she didn’t read it until last night.

“I have known Gerardo for more than 25 years. He gets angry and says anything, but I think it’s because he sleeps badly, “Carrió joked, referring to the baby he had almost a year ago with his wife, Tulia Snopek. “If there is something I am not, it is Cristina Kirchner, because I do not want to break JxC, I want unity, but it has to be based on panrepublicanism, not panperonism”, explained the leader of the Civic Coalition.

And he rehearsed an exegesis of the cryptic tweet he published about the “imbeciles”: he clarified that it was not directed at the members of Together for Change, but at the commentators and analysts who interpreted his statements last week as a threat of opposition rupture. “The problem is not the message, nor the tone, the problem is the truth,” she said, and she acknowledged being hurt by the reaction her colleagues had. “I am not going to be an accomplice on behalf of the unit, but it is important that things are said now. In politics there are not many who are more time-oriented than me”, he recorded free of false modesty.

“The men were crazy. They suffered when they were happy for fear of losing their happiness.” said the great Robert Arlt. In Together for Change, the madness could be encrypted, perhaps, in the fear of losing unity.

From Morales to Shakira

“Morales explained everything to me and I value what he does with lithium, I am delighted. I did not accuse him of corruption. But if he didn’t say that he is also Massa’s friend, he was hiding it. I also value and vindicate his actions in the face of the corruption and violence of Milagro Sala,” she added.

In the midst of the revelation of the explosive chat, Jorge Lanata broadcast on his PPT program the story of Mirta “Shakira” Guerrero, who worked for 26 years under the orders of the head of Tupac Amaru, who is under house arrest: “I saw her that he took money from here, from there, and he didn’t give you time to think that this money was stolen. The money went directly to Milagro Sala’s house. They received her there, they counted her and she had two cabinets with double bottoms and they kept her there. We were going to continue working and who lived there? She. It was like having two wallets,” she revealed.

The former member of Tupac Amaru recounted the intimacy of the power that Milagro Sala handled

The mass factor

With the Carrió-Morales incident, it was confirmed that Massa’s arrival not only had an impact on the dynamics of the Frente de Todos, but also began to irradiate the opposition coalition. At the same time, the former president of the Chamber of Deputies ended up being a vector for Together for Change to become infected with the internalism that, until now, was located more in the Kirchnerist universe than in that of the opposition.

In the Management & Fit survey mentioned above, there is a section that analyzes how public opinion took his arrival at the Palacio de Hacienda. 25.1% considered that the assumption of Massa in Economy “will strengthen the government coalition”, while 44% understood that “it will remain the same” and 19.8% that “it will weaken”. In addition, 34% believed that they have a lot or some confidence that the new official will be able to improve the economic situation. It is a percentage that, although it is low, contrasts with the 71.1% that “disapproves of the way in which Alberto Fernández conducts the national government.”

The last significant fact of the monitoring – that the opposition should take into account when discussing leadership and electoral alignments – is that inflation and the rise in rates continue to be the main concerns of the people, with 39.5%, followed by corruption (29.2%) and further insecurity and poverty. Carrió could say that the trend is that voters are beginning to care more about corruption than about prices. The Nobel Prize for Literature and Cervantes Prize winner, Octavio Paz, said that sometimes “light is like a lot of shadow: it does not let see”.


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