Rosalía in Mexico City: “You have my heart stolen”

MEXICO CITY (AP) — For Rosalía, the “M” is for Mexico and for “Motomami.” The Spanish urban artist gave the first of two sold-out concerts at the National Auditorium at her debut in the Mexican capital and at the kickoff of the Latin American section of her world tour.

“It’s very hard for me to come here and play here for the first time,” Rosalía said Sunday night holding an electric guitar. “You have my heart stolen because you have received me in this way, we are all very happy to play for you”.

In addition to the guitar, Rosalía played the piano and performed multiple choreographies accompanied by a body of eight dancers. During the concert, the videos projected on giant screens in the auditorium were broadcast live with various cameras, including one operated by an operator from the stage, which gave the projection the look of a sophisticated music video, although seeing directly the stage also felt like it was a shoot.

The interpreter of “Chicken Teriyaki”, “With height”, “Bizcochito” and “Malamente”, awarded with the Grammy and the Latin Grammy, had previously performed at the 2019 Ceremony Festival on the outskirts of Toluca, in the central State from Mexico.

Rosalía was excited to arrive in the capital and received gifts from the public, including three stuffed dolls from Doctor Simi, a chain of low-cost pharmacies that is very popular among Mexicans, whose stuffed animals have become a kind of trophy for artists. foreigners appreciated by the public.

The affection was reciprocal, as in her most recent album “Motomami”, Rosalía said her “Abcdefg” and when she reached the M she said: “M de…”, the public replied “Motomami” but Rosalía corrected them: “M from Mexico! and Motomami.”

Rosalía will continue her tour through the cities of Guadalajara and Monterrey to later travel to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United States.

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