María Becerra whitewashed her courtship with J Rei with a compliment for her mother-in-law: “The prettiest”

María Becerra whitewashed her courtship with J Rei (Instagram)

The rumors that linked them began to sound for several days. However, in the last hours it was the same Mary Becerra which was responsible for clarifying what is the relationship that unites it to Julian Reiningerknown to all as J. Rei. And it is that, in the middle of a live of Instagram that the ragpicker was doing with his mother, broke out with a comment that left all his followers stunned.

“Here I am”, was the first thing that the interpreter of I wish so they would know I was following the transmission. And, immediately, she added a compliment to the mother of her new boyfriend. “My mother-in-law is the cutest.”, put as a way to whitewash their romance. And he managed to move the woman, who, noticing him, asked her son: “Fix this comment that I’m going to go crazy.”

As if this were not enough, the artist’s mother decided to go for more and, visibly happy with the presence of her daughter-in-law in the broadcast, told her: “My love, you are the most beautiful in the world”. At the same time, the rag man leaned over to kiss the camera as a way of conveying that gesture of affection to the singer, with whom he already He had been surprised a few days ago.

The singer was seen in a square accompanied by the artist (Tik Tok)

Since her scandalous breakup with rushing, current boyfriend of Eugenia The China Suarez, Becerra had been keeping a low profile regarding his love life. However, eight months after the end of that relationship, time seems to have healed the wounds of the 22-year-old singer, who in the last few hours had given some clues regarding her sentimental situation.

In fact, after Vicky Braierbetter known as Juariu, compare several publications of María and J Rei finding some coincidences, a Tik Tok video went viral in which the couple appeared in a square, while several of their fans approached them to ask for autographs. And this gave rise to Becerra deciding to share a close-up photo of her hand intertwined with that of a mysterious young man. Once again, users analyzed the singer’s clothing and the ragpicker’s looks in search of answers. And many interpreted that the romantic story It was a way to confirm the courtship.

The truth is that the confirmation of the courtship also hurt some susceptibilities. It is that the young man had maintained a fleeting relationship with Cazzuwith whom Becerra recorded the songs Animal and Maleficent. And many wondered how the interpreter of turra upon learning that her colleague and friend was dating her ex. But this one, who currently maintains a sentimental relationship with Christian Nodalhe limited himself to posting a tweet with an emoji of a little face that has a zipper on his mouth, as a way of signaling that he was not going to make any statements about it.

J Rei is earning his place in urban music and, last March, the Spanish Rels B -who was involved in rumors of romance with Lali Esposito- chose him to open his concerts. he also sang Pininfarina with Duki in 2020, one of the hits that catapulted him to popularity. Although his love for music was born in preadolescence at the hands of folklore, at the age of 14 he found his vocation in the freestyle and began to sing in the squares of the Buenos Aires suburbs. Two months ago she released your turrito beside Street Fine and the video clip exceeded 44 million views on YouTube.


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