La Voz Argentina: Mau Montaner revealed what is the sign he makes to Marley when he is speechless

Mau Montaner told what is the secret code he has with Marley in La Voz Argentina (Video: Telefe)

In The Argentine Voice are fully disputed the knockouts, one of the most advanced instances in which two participants from each team compete with each other singing different songs with the aim of convincing their coaches and thus being able to take one more step in the reality show, on the way to the grand final. In this sense, the task of the jury is increasingly complicated because all the contestants who have come this far have great vocal talent and it is difficult to choose one. That is why, before each coach defines who is the winner of his team, the rest of his colleagues try to help him with his opinions.

In this context, and after this Sunday Mau give his return on the knockout of Lali Esposito that were disputed Thomas Spanish Y Lucas Bongiovannihis brother Ricky He admitted being speechless: “He spoke very well, he was going to say the same thing, so one is left here as if naked…”. “And it’s cold to be naked,” he joked Marley. So, it was the youngest of the duo who told what code he has with the driver when something similar happens to him. “Ricky, you haven’t noticed, but Marley and I have like a sign: when you say everything that I would have already said too, he looks at me and I make him … “, revealed gesturing head down.

Mau Montaner confessed what is the secret code he has with Marley (Captures: Telefe)
Mau Montaner confessed what is the secret code he has with Marley (Captures: Telefe)

Admitting that what the singer said was true, the father of Mirko explained: “It’s like when you have envio in the trick, then I already understand and continue with Lali. They are our signs that we have, but now you know her too”. “And the world,” added Mau amused. Immediately afterwards, the host gave way to the former Almost angels give her final verdict on the fate of her two participants, but she only managed to make the same sign they just described, with the sole purpose of having to avoid giving her decision, which aroused laughter from everyone in the studio. However, she finally ended up announcing that the winner was Thomas, who had played “My loneliness and I”one of the most remembered hits of Alejandro Sanz.

“I want to congratulate you because you surprised and banked it against a power like Lucas and you said ‘here I am’, and you really took my heart to this decision with total security, and I was not sure at all before this moment, so I congratulate you . It is a great merit”, expressed the interpreter of “Discipline” to the new winner. And he regretted that his opponent did not continue in the contest: “Oh, by God, Lucas, you are the best. Don’t send me to m…”.

Meanwhile, in the team of Ricardo Montanerthe duel was between Aneley Mattei Y Alejo Alvarez, and ended up winning the second. Finally, in the team of Mau and Ricky, he was Morena Lopez Diaz the one that overcame Diana Carrizo. At the end of this stage, the goal is for only 40 to remain in the race. Once this instance is finished, the playoffs, which consist of the participants appearing individually in team rounds to once again demonstrate their talent. The chosen ones will finally be those who go to the final stage, which are the live shows.


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