Government of Portugal orders to investigate detention with violence in Lisbon

(Updates the EX1256 with information provided by the PSP)

Lisbon, Aug 15 The Government of Portugal ordered the opening of an investigation to analyze the arrest of a person in Lisbon last Saturday who was recorded on video and shows a police officer beating the detainee while another tries to immobilize him.

The Portuguese Ministry of Internal Administration reported this Monday that Minister José Luís Carneiro ordered the General Inspection of the Internal Administration (IGAI) to open an investigation process to analyze the facts related to a police occurrence verified on August 13 ” in Lisbon, according to a statement.

The two agents were members of the Public Security Police (PSP) and carried out the arrest “in the context of identifying a citizen suspected of disturbing public order and tranquility,” the portfolio added, specifying that this order requires the National Directorate of the PSP to transmit to the IGAI “all the elements” of the investigation.

The Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP explained today in a statement that, at the time of the events, the agents were responding to a complaint about an individual “with aggressive behavior towards people passing by, threatening them and causing them fear,” the agency collected. Lusa.

“Having an aggressive attitude towards the police and refusing to identify himself” and exhausted “all legal assumptions”, the agents informed him that he was going to be transferred to the police station, the entity added.

He became “more aggressive” and tried to escape “using irons with the intention of attacking them”, for which the policemen “resorted to the use of force, including through the police baton, and, already handcuffed, they took him to the police station” , specifies the statement, which includes that the PSP also opened an investigation to clarify the facts.

The video, which has been released through social networks, shows that, during the arrest on a street in the popular neighborhood of Bairro Alto, one of the policemen hit the suspect several times with his baton and kicked him in the leg while He yelled at her to lie down on the ground.

The other agent ended up immobilizing him by placing a knee on his neck.

Although the suspect was trying to free himself, the video does not show him physically assaulting the police officers. EFE


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