CJNG presented a “lifted” worker who repaired a security camera in Zacatecas

One of the four workers who maintained the video surveillance system in Apulco reappeared questioned by the CJNG

Hitmen of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) presented and questioned one of the four men who raised south of Zacatecaswhile they repaired a video surveillance camera in the municipality of Apulco.

According to the narcomessage spread by the CJNGthe young man deprived of liberty was accused of responding to the interests of Mario Gonzalez Martinezlieutenant of Sinaloa Cartel in the Altos de Jalisco. In addition, she identified herself as a relative of police officers in Teocaltiche and in the administration of Apulco.

The one being interrogated by the heavily armed civilians is allegedly Hector Abner Donoso Cruz23 years old, who was lifted last August 3 along with Sergius Esau Ramirez Alonso30 years old; James Fernandez Morales25, and the young Jose Manuel Gonzalez16 years old.

In the recording, which lasts just under four minutes, you can see 12 subjects dressed in tactical vests, muffled, wearing black helmets and sweatshirts of the same color. They all carry large-caliber weapons, including war rifles for use reserved for Army. They are in an apparent warehouse, while Donoso Cruz He was seated in front, with his hands handcuffed.

It is not reported what happened to the subject raised in Apulco (Photo: Zacatecas Prosecutor's Office)
It is not reported what happened to the subject raised in Apulco (Photo: Zacatecas Prosecutor’s Office)

The members of the CJNG They ask a series of questions that seem prepared with the answer to illustrate that the subject is part of the enemy ranks. First they made the alleged victim introduce himself as one of those who were kidnapped 10 days ago, since the clip was intended to clarify the fact that he was recorded on a security camera.

Later, the 23-year-old was questioned about alleged criminal operators with the keys to 97, Blond me Victorto whom he pointed out that they maintain direct communication with the mayor of Apulco, Zacatecas, Yanet Morales Huizar.

Supposedly, the employee gotten up was in charge of installing video surveillance equipment in the industry Apulco Y TenayucaWith Sergius Esau Ramirez Alonso, who did not appear on camera during the interrogation. In the accusations, Donoso Cruz implicated as alleged accomplices the National Guard of Villa Hidalgo and commanders of the Army of Teocaltichein addition to the police of both municipalities.

When authorities enter that do not hold criminal pacts with the CJNG nor with him Sinaloa Cartelthe operators of this last criminal group take shelter in their homes, according to the narrative of the narco-video, since it revealed that they are protected by the local government.

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Four workers of a company that maintained the video surveillance system were kidnapped

The man explained that the Sinaloa Cartel has four monitoring bases in Apulco, Tenayuca, Race, Teocaltiche, Villa Hidalgo, Tepusco, Mechoacanejothe Taray and Encarnacion de Diaz, the Chona. All under the command of Mario Gonzalez Martinezwho responded to the orders of Joaquin Guzman Loera, the shortyin the highlands of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes.

He then detailed his alleged operations as a collaborator of the rivals of the CJNG with subjects identified as 100-20, car, Coni, Lupeand the Lara’s people. Among them he placed Juan Donosoalleged delegate and drug dealer in Tenayucasince he works as a municipal police officer in Teocaltiche.

He added that among his relatives are his cousin Armando Gonzalez and a guy named Mark Torres, both members of the municipal police of Teocaltiche. Supposedly, they are all supported by local commanders of the Secretary of National Defense.

“Irvin is my cousin and in turn he is the head of the plaza in Tenayuca and in the presidency of Apulco he has an appointment as the president’s personal secretary and is in charge of practically everything that moves in the presidency,” he confessed.

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Though Hector Abner Donoso Cruzsaid James Fernandez Morales Y Jose Manuel Gonzalez were released, Zacatecas Prosecutor’s Office did not offer a timely response to confirm the location of any of them, after being consulted by this means. About the young man who appeared in the video questioned by the CJNG His whereabouts are unknown, if he could have been released alive or is still missing.

According to data verified by Infobae Mexicothe disappearance of the four men occurred in the vicinity of the fuel station of the municipality, located on the federal highway that connects with Nochistlan and where you are welcome to Apulcothree kilometers from the municipal seat.

The plagiarism was captured on the same video surveillance camera that was repaired. According to the counted time, the alleged hitmen of the CJNG took less than three minutes to find their victims, identify them and force them to get into the back of the truck they were carrying for their work.

Apulco does not have municipal police, since the agents resigned due to threats from the CJNG. Hence, federal authorities decided to send troops from the National Guard.


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