9z in the world top 19: “It feels incredible, a year ago this was unthinkable”

Talk about the path of 9z in CS:GO is to talk about sustained growth. But it is also talking about milestones and the positive effect that a long-term project can have. In that story – which may seem short in perspective – just a few days ago the organization set a new record and ranked in the top 19 globally.

The news came at an ideal time, in full celebration of the club’s fourth anniversary. “It feels incredible because a year ago this was unthinkable. So on each anniversary I sit down to think what I did last year, what I expected to happen when it was the previous anniversary and the result is always surprising. It’s hard for me to think where we can go, because things that seem far away sometimes go by very quickly.“, framework frankkaster, founder and CEO of 9z. “I believe that these 4 years were of constant learning, I believe they served me as an experience for today to be very nourished. That’s why I always say that this is the beginning of the best stage that 9z will live”, he added.

And how do the players experience it? For Rox It is a “beautiful feeling”, since they arrived at this place “a lot of sacrifice and dedicating many hours of work”. For Dav1d “This shows the effort that each one of the team makes, it is valid to improve and continue advancing”. Nqzwho joined the team in June, also experiences it with great joy: “it’s something incredible for me and it’s something I always wanted, it’s a dream that came true”.

“I think it is a great merit for everyone, especially for those who have been with the team for a long time, who they stay with the same goal of continuing to evolve and with the mentality that there is a process to go far, always with a lot of professionalism and love for the game. The vacancy, the results and the notes will be consequences. We are preparing as best we can, with our feet on the ground and confidence,” he added. tgewho arrived as an analyst in June.

It seems that years have passed, but it was in April 2021 when 9z decided to make history and eliminated Team Vitality -at that time, top 8 in the world- from the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. They got there after becoming champions of Latin Power, the tournament run by FiReSPORTS that allows a team from the region to have a place in the international tournament.

The opportunity was given and 9z decided to take advantage of it. But, far from staying in that place, they went for more and the first part of 2022 had its own milestones in store. In April, an unprecedented moment arrived for non-Brazilian teams in the region: 9z was going to give the present at the Major. After losses to MIBR and Evil Geniuses at the RMR Americasthe team achieved miracle run leaving Bad News Bears, 00Nation, Sao Caetano, Evil Geniuses and paiN Gaming in the way. This is how the classification arrived and the moment that has already remained in the history of Latin esports.

The numbers are not everything nor do they tell the whole story, but they are a concrete way of reflecting the growth of a team. After the feat that represented the arrival at the Major, the team climbed to the top #26 in the world. Just a few days ago, at the beginning of August, they jumped to 20th place, a place they left on 8th of the same month to reach the top #19.

The team has just been crowned champion of the Argentina Regular Season of the FlowFiReLEAGUE. In the final against Isurus, the Violeta squad not only reaffirmed as one of the three classified for the next edition of Latin Power, but also secured its place in the first edition of the Global Final to be held at the Camp Nou.

On the horizon are already the qualifiers for the RMR Americas, which begin today and will allow the best teams in the region to reach the event that will give way to the Major, which will have Rio de Janeiro as its venue. “The expectations are to qualify for the RMR and the Major, obviously. We look good, obviously we have to play, it is something that we hope to fulfill in our dreams, plus reaching the Major in Brazil, which is going to be crazy”, said dgt.


“We always work with the desire to want to improve and regardless of who is there we try to instill that mentality of wanting to win everything,” explained Dav1d as the team prepares for its next challenges. “We also plan to set up bootcamps in Europe so we arrive in the best way and do a good job,” added Rox.

Four years ago a “friends’ project” was born -as highlighted from the organization’s networks on the anniversary- but the history of 9z still has pending chapters and Lucas “Nqz” Soares, David “Dav1d” Tapia Maldonado, Maximiliano “Max” Gonzalez, Martin “Rox” Molina, Franco “Dgt” Garcia, Rafael “Zakk” Fernandes, and Gustavo “Tge” Motta will continue to write them.


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