Weather in Washington DC: what will be the maximum and minimum temperature this August 14

Weather forecasts, based on observation and mathematical modelshelp forecast the state of the atmosphere at a given time and location from records such as temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation, or wind.

Weather forecasts are activities that have been carried out for hundreds of years, even before the Christian era, basing themselves basically on the observation of cloud patterns, the wind, the time of year, although initially these they were inaccurate.

It was not until the emergence of new technologies (such as computers) that mathematical models began to be put into operation that made it possible to achieve more precise predictions, becoming a fundamental factor for the transportation (land, sea or air), agriculture, tourism, disaster prevention, public health and even military operationsthis beyond deciding whether or not to carry an umbrella or what outfits to put on.

Below is the weather status for the next few hours in Washington DC:

The probability of rain for this Sunday in Washington DC it is 25% during the day and 88% throughout the night.

Meanwhile, the cloud cover will be 64% during the day and 90% during the night.

As to temperature a maximum of 29 degrees and a minimum of 19 degrees are forecast in this American region. UV rays are forecast to reach a level of up to 9.

While the gusts of wind will reach 26 kilometers per hour in the day and 14 kilometers per hour at night.

Washington DC is the capital city of the United States, located in the northeast of the North American country, along the Potomac River, surrounded by the states of Maryland and Virginia.

The climate in the American capital is mainly tropical, with the monsoon subtypewhich means that it registers high temperatures all year round, with a short dry season and a predominantly rainy season.

the hottest temperatures they feel in July, where it is around 40 degrees; in contrast, it is in January and February when icy weather prevails to the degree of reaching zero degrees.

Meanwhile, the month with more rain it’s may.

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How is the weather in the United States?

Occupying a large expanse of territory, the United States boasts an enormous variety of climates, almost all of them.

On the east side of the United States Two central climates predominate: the humid subtropical and the humid continental.

in the American Northeast the most important weather is humid mainland which is characterized by constant rains throughout the year that turn into storms during the summer and snowfall throughout the winter.

In the southeastern United States the prevailing weather is the subtropical humid It has hot summers, cool winters and abundant rainfall.

From the American West Sidethere are at least three major predominant climates: semi-arid, arid and Mediterranean.

The semi-arid climate, in its cold subtypecovers the most central part of the western and north-south United Statesis characterized by low rainfall and low temperatures.

In the southwestern United States is where it is present arid climate, both in its cold and warm subtype. In the cold arid, the winters are freezing and the summers are mild, while in the hot arid, the summer registers extremely high temperatures and in the winter the weather is mild. In both cases rainfall is scarce.

Mediterranean climate registers in the most coastal area of ​​the American West, from north to south and is characterized by its mild and rainy winters, plus its dry and hot summers.


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