The other controversies of Montserrat Caballero, mayor of Tijuana who asked the drug traffickers “to charge those who do not pay them”

Montserrat Caballero / Moreno / Tijuana
It is not the first time that the mayor of Tijuana has been involved in scandals. (Photo: Tijuana City Hall)

The wave of aggressions that has hit the Mexican Republic knocked on the doors of Lower California and, with drug blockades and fires to various vehicles, entered the municipalities of Rosarito, Mexicali and Tijuana.

Despite the fact that the latter was one of the most affected by violence, Internet users trended the term “Tijuana” for the controversial statements of the mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramirez, who – according to criticism – encouraged the collection of flat and extortion.

“We are not going to allow a single Tijuana citizen to pay the consequences of those who did not pay their bills (…) we ask (to organized crime) to collect the bills from those who did not pay what they owe”, expressed the standard-bearer for the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) in a video-report of the violence recorded in the demarcation.

However, this would not be the first time that Caballero Ramírez has become the target of ridicule and criticism, since the controversy has accompanied her even before her term as state president – which she has held since October 2021.

Tijuana City Hall, deployment of 3 thousand security elements
The mayor of Tijuana was strongly criticized for sending a message to organized crime to “collect bills from those who did not pay them” (Photo: Tijuana City Council)

Do you want to lose yourself in drugs? Tijuana gives it to you

It was May 2021, when Monserrat was still in the competition to relieve his now predecessor, Arturo Gonzalez Cruz, in front of the municipality of Tijuana.

In this context, the brunette presided over a meeting in which she tried to highlight the opportunities that the demarcation offers its citizens, including – as she implied – the possibility of “get lost in drugs”.

“If you want to come to Tijuana, Tijuana gives you what you want. If you want to lose yourself in drugs, Tijuana gives it to you. If you want to get ahead, Tijuana gives it to you”, expressed the then licensed deputy with fervor in a meeting with young entrepreneurs.

As expected, this unleashed a barrage of criticism of the brunette who accused her of classifying the demarcation as a supplier of narcotics. Given this, the team and Monserrat herself came out to deny the clipby ensuring that what was said had been taken out of context.

“I confirm and reaffirm that Tijuana is a land of prosperity and freedom, where you choose the type of life you want to have: some choose the path of effort and work, others the path of drugs. And even so, Tijuana protects you and shelters you. Friends, they will try to take my words out of context, but I will not stop loving, respecting and working for my beloved City.he wrote on his social networks.

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Caballero Ramírez participated in the session of the Commission on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Elderly and Children. (Infobae)

Beer in the middle of a congress meeting

The other scandal that surrounded the mayor arose in July 2020, when, in her tenure as a deputy, was exposed trying to take a drink of beer during a session of the Commission on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Elderly and Children.

It was Internet users who were in charge of evidencing the then legislator. It should be noted that the embarrassing moment lasted a few seconds, since the official managed to realize that the act would be videotaped and, in this way, she quickly removed the can from the frame.

Despite his attempt to cover up, his behavior could be observed by a few of his session partners, who did not hide the humor that caused them. Meanwhile, others did not notice or simply ignored it.

Of course, this earned him acid ridicule and criticism, and even some twitterers They demanded that Morena sanction her deputy. However, the militancy did not respond to the warrants and Monserrat Caballero did not provide any explanation or apology.


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